Traitor in the Midst

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Traitor in the Midst

Traitor in the Midst Image.png
Quest giver
Minfilia Warde
The Rising Stones (X:6.1, Y:5.2)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 901
Previous quest
Brave New Companions
Next quest
Back and Fourth

Minfilia would have you assist Alphinaud in his new station as commander of the Crystal Braves.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Minfilia is in The Solar.



  • Grateful for your offer of aid, Alphinaud bids you speak with Captain Ilberd, his second-in-command, to be briefed on the sensitive matter in which he requires your assistance.
  • You learn that Raubahn and Ilberd have been friends and rivals since before the fall of Ala Mhigo. Under the guise of a long-awaited reunion, the two men discuss the matter of the Garlean spy. At the meeting's conclusion, it is agreed that both parties will continue their inquiries.


Minfilia: <sigh> Try as I might, I cannot shake a creeping sense of dark foreboding... But it avails us naught to fret about the unknown. We must concentrate instead on the problems of the present.
Minfilia: The primals have been relatively quiet of late, and the beast tribes who summon them are under constant surveillance by the Grand Companies.
Minfilia: Should any suspicious activity be afoot, you may be certain that we will hear of it.
Minfilia: And until such time as a permanent solution to the primal problem has been found, we can do little but wait and observe.
Minfilia: As for the Ascians, Urianger is wholly dedicated to finding the means by which we may defeat the dark beings. Let us pray for good tidings on that front.
Minfilia: ...But all of this you knew already. Let us speak then of more current matters─in particular, the state of the Crystal Braves.
Minfilia: Alphinaud did well to found the organization, but ensuring its smooth operation is another matter entirely.
Minfilia: Though I doubt not that he is doing his best, I felt that a helping hand or two would not go astray.
Minfilia: To this end, I offered to send one of the Archons to assist him, but he declined. You know how he can be─independent to a fault, and singularly loath to accept help...
Minfilia: ...Save, of course, when that help comes from you. Alphinaud has entrusted countless matters of import to your care in the past, and I believe he would not hesitate to do so again...were you to offer.
Minfilia: I should be most grateful if you would go to him, and support him in whatever manner you are able.
Minfilia: Alphinaud refused the Archons' help, but I believe that he would welcome yours. I should be most grateful if you would place yourself at his disposal.
Alphinaud: What is it, [Forename]? And do be concise. I am rather busy.
Alphinaud: ...Hm? You would lend a hand, you say? I see. that you mention it, there is a matter that wants for attention.
Alphinaud: Given its sensitive nature, I was hesitant to entrust it to my Braves, but the demands upon my time are such that I had little choice.
Alphinaud: Which is not to say that my men want for labor. Though we are but newly formed, there is already a great demand for our services, and we are hard-pressed to answer all petitions. But I digress...
Alphinaud: The fact is, I would sooner attend to this particular matter myself, but my presence is required elsewhere.
Alphinaud: That being the case, I have entrusted its resolution to my second-in-command, Captain Ilberd.
Alphinaud: Tell him that I sent you, and he will furnish you with the particulars. My thanks in advance, [Forename].
Ilberd: Dispatch the 1st Unit to Ul'dah. The 2nd and 4th are to stand by for further orders.
Roaille: Ever a pleasure, my friend. Nary a day passes by that I do not hear of your valorous exploits.
Ilberd: We must begin by apprising General Raubahn of our findings. Pray meet me at the Hall of Flames, and remain on hand to see that things go smoothly.