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The Face of War

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The Face of War

The Face of War Image.png
Quest giver
Eorzian Alliance Headquarters (X:6.3, Y:6.1)
Quest line
Experience 10,800
Gil 5,000
Previous quest
Parley on the Front Lines
Next quest
A Brief Reprieve

Having listened to Emperor Varis's maniacal plans Lyse is ready to go to war.

— In-game description





  • The hour of battle has arrived at last. Together with a contingent of Doman soldiers, you and Alisaie make for Ghimlyt Dark, and the front lines of battle.
    ※ The Ghimlyt Dark can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • Chaos erupts from all sides as you wage your way through the Ghimlyt Dark. Though the imperials send wave after wave of soldiers against you and your allies, their forces are still found wanting. They eventually concede defeat and begin a hasty retreat.
  • After reconvening with Lord Hien, Yugiri, and Alisaie, you make ready to give chase when your minds are assailed once again by a mysterious voice. When the pain subsides you find Alisaie lifeless on the ground.
  • Thanks to your effeorts, the Garlean forces have retreated, offering the Alliance a brief repreieve. While discussing the present state of the battle against Garlemald, Yugiri returns from the infirmary with distressing news - the chirurgeons can find no cause for Alisaie's affliction. With five of the Scions now fallen, Raubahn suspects you may be shaken, and exhausted besides. With no further signs of Garlean movement, he bids you rest for the interim.
  • You return to the Rising Stones and speak with Hoary Boulder, who is dismayed to hear that Alisaie too has succumbed to the deathless sleep that has taken hold of the others. Though Krile and the other remaining Scions have yet to find a remedy, he believes all hope is not yet lost. For now, however, all you can do is wait.


Before the Fight (Cutscene 1)

Lyse: I'm not sure what I was expecting from our meeting with the Emperor, but it wasn't that. Still, at least we know now what he's really after!

Raubahn: Aye, a future built on a mountain of bodies. I too want the Ascians dead - but not at any cost.

Hien: The last reinforcements from Doma arrived not long ago. I pray it will be enough. Given the Emperor's stated goal, this is a battle we can ill afford to lose.

Raubahn: If the Garleans come in force, we may not have much say in the matter...even with our combined strength.

Hien: We knew from the first that the odds would be against us. But if there is even the slightest chance of victory, we must do everything in our power to seize it.

Raubahn: We must seize it, full stop.

Hien: Hear, hear!

Raubahn: (Turning to Alisaie and the player) The two of you are to join an irregular unit and support the main host. I won't bother asking if you're minded to fight.

Alisaie: After coming this far, how could I not?

Alisaie: And for once, there's no one around to countermand me. Not that they would. Not even my brother.

Alisaie: (Turning to the player) But we all know who'll really make the difference. Ready to frighten some Garleans?

(Player nods, smiling.)

Raubahn: I wouldn't want to be on their side.

Hien: Might I ask you to accompany the Doman contingent? They are strangers here, and your presence would do much to raise their spirits.

(Player and Alisaie look at each other before nodding.)

Alisaie: We would be honored.

Yugiri: When our people stride out with you in their midst, I daresay the Eorzeans will feel an ilm taller themselves. High spirits have a way of spreading.

Raubahn: Ah, what I wouldn't give to join you. But my duties as a field commander will not allow it. I leave the front lines in your capable hands.

Raubahn: (Shouting, addressing the gathered forces) Comrades! Ready your arms! The hour of battle has come!

Raubahn: May the Crystal guide us to victory!

(Soldiers cheer and begin to get ready for battle.)

Alisaie: (Turning to address the player) Since the others couldn't be here, we'll have to fight twice as hard. If Alphinaud wakes up to find the imperials have won, I shall never hear the end of it.

Alisaie: It's strange... I thought I would be terrified when the fighting started.

Alisaie: I should be terrified. But with you at our side, I can't help feeling everything is going to be all right.

Alisaie: So please...

Alisaie: Don't you dare leave me alone.

Alisaie: No matter what happens, we have to survive. Together.

(Alisaie walks away. Cutscene 1 ends.)

After the battle (Cutscene 2)

Alisaie: There you are! And none the worse for wear!

Hien: Indeed. I had hoped we might do more to help, but there seems to be no one left to fight.

Yugiri: A tactical withdrawal, perhaps?

Alisaie: We should give chase. Finish them off while we have the chance.

Alisaie: Imagine the others' surprise when they wake up to find the war already won.

(Player and Alisaie begin to hear the mysterious voice call to them again.)

???: The Light...will expunge all life...

???: Only you...can forestall the calamity...

???: Throw wide..the gates...

Alisaie: No! Not now... not like...

(Alisaie and the player begin to reach for each other, before Alisaie falls unconscious and the voice stops.)

Hien: Oh no, don't tell me...

Hien: (Turning to player) Are you all right?

(Player nods)

Hien: Quickly! We must get her back to the encampment.

(Player looks at Alisaie, concerned, before the cutscene ends.)