The Coliseum

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The Coliseum

In the Coliseum, spectators are driven to a frenzy by bloody competitions ranging from single combat betwixt gladiators, to bouts pitting ill-equipped prisoners against terrifying beasts from exotic lands. Illegal gambling on the outcome of matches is a favorite Ul'dahn pastime, as well as the city's worst-kept secret.

— In-game description

The Coliseum is a landmark in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal, Thanalan.

Additional Information

Serves as the Gladiators' Guild run by First Sword Mylla. Before he was Flame General, Raubahn Aldynn was able to purchase ownership of The Coliseum with his gladiatorial winnings, earning himself a seat on the Syndicate.

Gladiators' Guild Lore

In Belah'dia, the sword was deemed the arm of paladins, and the peasantry were forbidden from carrying them. During the War of the Sisters, however, Ul'dah and Sil'dih both increasingly needed men to fight, and had no choice but to hire Hellsguard and Highlander mercenaries. As more and more inhabitants of Ul'dah came to wield blades, displays of skill became a commonplace sight. From these humble beginnings was the grand gladiatorial tradition born.

At the outset, only captured enemies and criminals took to the bloodsands, but as the practice became a part of Uldahn culture, free men joined the fray in search of riches and fame. An organization of fighters arose, based upon a spirit of mutual prosperity. Not only did it provide aid to wounded gladiators, but organized others to fight in their stead, and provided some stipend after they retired. The group eventually opened its doors to the public, and became the Gladiators' Guild. [1]


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