Promises to Keep

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Promises to Keep

Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:10, Y:12)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Required items
1  Confiscated Ring
3  Confiscated Wares
Experience 4,800
Gil 1,502
Previous quest
The Mother of Exiles
Next quest
Yugiri's Game

Raubahn would like to discuss how to handle the Doman refugees.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Regardless of the Syndicate's decision, Raubahn is not content to ignore the Domans' plight. He bids you and the others accompany him to the Hall of Flames to discuss what options remain available.
  • Concluding that the other city-states are unlike to accept the refugees, Alphinaud proffers an alternative solution. Rather than petitioning another nation for aid, the Domans might instead travel to the outpost of Revenant's Toll, where they could work as frontier hands in exchange for food and shelter. Though Yugiri is amenable to the idea, the matter of how the refugees would make a journey of so great a distance remains. Believing that the Ul'dahn Adventurers' Guild may be of assistance, Alphinaud departs for the Quicksand and invites you to follow.
  • Momodi has agreed to provide temporary accommodations for the Domans, so that they might regain their strength before embarking on their journey. Alas, the lack of a ready means of transportation remains an insurmountable obstacle -- until Teledji Adeledji generously offers to contract the services of the Seventy-seven Caravans at personal expense. To ensure that all goes according to plan, Alphinaud bids you meet with Gigiyon, the Seventy-seven Caravans representative in Scorpion Crossing.
  • Gigiyon confesses that his ideal choice for the caravan's overseer is a man no longer in his employ. Believing that a venture of this import demands nothing less than the very best, he suggests that you speak with the Hyuran coachman at the Coffer and Coffin.
  • The coachman is disinclined to aid you on account of myriad personal problems. Look him squarely in the eye, and in time-honored fashion, utter the wordless promise: You can leave your problems to /me.
  • Emerging momentarily from his trough of self-pity, the coachman directs you to Nophica's Wells, where the Brass Blades who seized his possessions are said to take their ill-gotten goods. Mindful that the upstanding gentlemen in question are not like to relinquish the confiscated items willingly, he advises you to proceed with caution.
  • Unfamiliar with the face of Eorzea's savior, the Brass Blades attempt to rearrange your heroic features with predictable results. Having demonstrated your primal-shaming capacity for violence, inquire of the remaining Blade if he is now willing to cooperate.
  • Happily, you find the Brass Blade far more receptive to your request at the second time of asking. Return the stolen goods to their rightful owner at the Coffer & Coffin.
  • Finally able to settle his accounts, the coachman departs for Scorpion Crossing. Speak with Gigiyon to confirm that everything is in order.
  • According to Gigiyon, all preparations are now complete, and his coachmen are awaiting further orders. Return to the Quicksand and speak with Alphinaud.
  • Alphinaud is pleased to receive your report, and states that the next order of business is ensuring the safe passage of the Domans from Vesper Bay to Ul'dah. Judging by his tone, he means for you to play an active role in this endeavor as well...

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