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Rhalgr's Beacon

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Rhalgr's Beacon

Quest giver
The Fringes (X:9.3, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 224,100
Gil 2,215
Previous quest
While You Were Away
Next quest
The Fortunes of War

You, Raubahn, and your allies have much to discuss.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Head for Castellum Velodyna!
  • Defeat Fordola rem Lupis!


  • You, Raubahn, and your allies have much to discuss.
  • Having returned to Gyr Abania after a lengthy absence, the Alliance and Resistance leaders are eager to hear you recount the tale of your adventures in the Far East. And so you tell them of your many trials and tribulations, culminating with the liberation of Doma. The news has already spread throughout the Empire, doubtless leading to unrest and unease within the imperial ranks. The time to strike is now. The Alliance and Resistance will resume their campaign to retake Ala Mhigo, beginning by capturing Castellum Velodyna.
  • Preparations are underway in Rhalgr's Reach for the forthcoming operation, but Conrad would not have you assist with them. Instead, he requests that you take a moment to speak with several of the men under his command who have each suffered great personal tragedy. Perhaps a visit from the Warrior of Light will serve to raise their spirits.
  • To your surprise, you learn that in various small ways you have touched these soldiers' lives and helped to make them the men they are today. Another reminder, if any were needed, that we can never predict the ways in which our actions will influence those around us...
  • Though Conrad was aware of the part you played in shaping his soldiers' destinies, that was not his only reason for asking you to speak with them. Hailing from vastly different walks of life, each one had his own unique motive for joining the Resistance, and he has come to question his ability to represent their interests equally. But who could possibly serve in his stead? None other than Lyse Hext, Conrad believes─though it will be for her to decide whether or not to accept this burden when the time comes.
  • You and the Resistance forces gather at the ruins of Castellum Corvi to await the signal from the Alliance. Once General Aldynn and his men lure the bulk of the garrison away from Velodyna, you are to make for the bridge and engage the remaining defenders. Yet this too is but a feint, as the success of the operation rests on the shoulders of M'naago, who will fly to the top of the castellum with the aid of her griffin, and there employ a number of modified glamour prisms to create the illusion that the massive imperial banner has been replaced by that of the Resistance. The sight of the banner should serve to sow chaos and confusion in the imperial ranks, if all goes to plan, allowing the Allied forces to rout the enemy and claim Castellum Velodyna at last...
  • The plan is executed to perfection. When M'naago blows her horn to draw all eyes heavensward, the imperials begin to break and run, believing the day lost. Fordola, having remained at the bridge, urges her men to stand their ground, but soon retreats herself after realizing there is naught to be done. At Conrad's urging, Lyse lets her go, for while capturing the Skulls commander would represent a fine achievement, the greater goal has been accomplished: Castellum Velodyna is yours.
  • Ala Mhigo was not built in a single day, and neither will it be liberated in one. But the fall of the castellum marks a turning point in the campaign, for the imperials have been all but driven from the Fringes.


Phase One

Relatively straight forward, kill everything. Focus down the Artillery cannons at the bridge while dodging AOE from the 12th Legion predators.

Phase Two

You must duel Fordola rem Lupis. The fight mechanics are nothing you haven't seen in pre-4.0 content.

Fordola will drop puddle AOE at set positions around the arena that should be avoided until they disappear as they will apply a bleed debuff while standing in them. Gunblade is a knockback, when it is casting attempt to position yourself so you don't end up in one of the bleed puddles.

Plan B will summon 4 magitek bits at the centre of the arena that perform cone attacks when The Order is cast by Fordola.

Eventually Fordola will dash around the arena and cast stationary X marks, initially 3, later 4, in the direction of the player. These will remain as cast until The Order is cast to activate them at which point they will rush forwards doing damage should they hit the player. Despite the lack of a ground indicator these are easily avoided by paying attention to which way they are facing.