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Lolorito Nanarito


Lord Lolorito
Male ♂
Lalafell (Dunesfolk)
Chairman of the East Aldenard Trading Company
The Syndicate
The Monetarists
East Aldenard Trading Company
Nonopesa (butler)
Quest NPC

"The wealth of Ul'dah is not without limits, my friends."

— In-game description

Lolorito Nanarito is a Lalafell.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Way Down in the Hole Main Scenario quest 9 Zuzumeda
Oh Captain, My Captain Main Scenario quest 14 Merilda
The Mother of Exiles Main Scenario quest 50 Thancred
The Parting Glass Main Scenario quest 50 Momodi
A General Summons Main Scenario quest 54 Tataru
Awakening in Ul'dah Main Scenario quest 54 Alphinaud
A Sultana's Resolve Main Scenario quest 70 Nanamo Ul Namo
Take with a Tonze of Salt Sidequest 70 Bloezoeng
The Chefsbane Cometh Class quest 30 Lyngsath
Revenge of the Chefsbane Class quest 50 Lyngsath

Additional Information

The foremost member of the Monetarists, Lolorito Nanarito began his career as a porter with the caravans. With time, he created the East Aldenard Trading Company, and his fortune is now so vast as to be uncountable. At the time he began focusing his business on overland trading, he is reputed to have made the acquaintance of the Garlean elite, and even explored this connection as a means of making peace with the Empire. It is widely assumed that these overtures must have ended in failure, however, as Lolorito is known to have proffered his full support in the establishment of the Immortal Flames.
Those who study Lolorito's character are often perplexed, as he is a man who defies easy description. On the one hand, he is ruthless, and not above consorting with criminals in the name of profit. On the other hand, he has also shown himself willing to donate half of his (uncountable) wealth should his native Ul'dah have need of it. As a wealthy man of the Dunesfolk, Lolorito has developed a taste for the finer things over his sixty-four years. His particular passion is food, and he has such exacting tastes that he is known in some circles playfully as "Chefsbane." [1]


As a high ranking member of The Syndicate, Lolorito was present when Yugiri Mistwalker pleaded her case to them to give her people refuge in their city. He rejected their proposal, as he knew that not only would they have to deal with the Ala Mhigan refugees that would surely riot if others were allowed into the city before they were, but also it was most likely a ploy by Teledji Adeledji to push his Carteneau Reclamation Bill. Recognizing Teledji's power-hungry actions, he began paying much closer attention to the Lalafell, and soon learned of a conspiracy to assassinate the Sultana. Behind the scenes, he arranged for the poison that was to be given to the Sultana to be replaced with a powerful sleeping draught, saving her life in the process. When Teledji was murdered out of revenge by Raubahn, he had to still play the part and condemn the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Later, when the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud Leveilleur broke Raubahn out of Halatali, Lolorito gave the antidote to the sleeping draught to Raubahn. Though he still held a grudge for his part in the coup, he was grateful that Lolorito had at least saved Nanamo Ul Namo's life. To show additional penance for his part, he relinquished half of Teledji's and half of his own wealth to the Sultanate, hoping to help the city-state of Ul'dah flourish.

Lolorito's network extended far beyond the borders of Eorzea, reaching even into Kugane. The Warrior of Light and the Scions met with Hancock, one of Lolorito's associates who offered his aid free of charge and assisted them in crossing over the Ruby Sea to Doma, all the while keeping his master abreast of their movements.

When Ala Mhigo had been liberated, Lolorito met with Nanamo and the Warrior of Light to discuss how they may help to rebuild the city-state. Using the riches uncovered in King Theodorics tomb, Lolorito suggested rebuilding the Saltery, and offered his aid.

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