Hearts on Fire

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Edelstein - Northern Thanalan (x20, y22)
Requirements Level 49
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 28420   
Amber ring icon1.png, Rubellite ring icon1.png, Black pearl ring icon1.png, Allagan silver piece icon1.pngx6
Previous Quest Next Quest
All upon the Watchtowers Setting the Stage




  • Find recruits and /psych them up.


  • Lieutenant Edelstein wants you to report to the Flame General.
  • You learn that Raubahn arrived at the Ceruleum Processing Plant a short while ago, and is presently inspecting the garrison. Report to him and see if he has need of your services.
  • Raubahn bids you rally the garrison at the Ceruleum Processing Plant as you did at Camp Bluefog. Make your way around the plant and /psych up the green recruits whose resolve appears to be failing.
  • Your visceral gesticulations have helped the recruits steel themselves for the battle to come. Now go to Lieutenant Edelstein and /psych him up as you did the recruits.
  • Lieutenant Edelstein admits that the fire of his resolve had grown dim, and thanks you for making it rage anew. With both the Bull of Ala Mhigo and your good self present, the entire garrison is fairly ablaze with determination.