The Immortal Flames

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The Immortal Flames is a Grand Company based in Ul'dah in Thanalan.


Raubahn, Flame General of The Immortal Flames

Currently, the bulk of Ul'dah's military strength comes from their standing army of mercenaries and the small contingent of the palace guard known as the Sultansworn. To bring order to their ranks and oversee additional wartime training, the Sultana has considered resurrecting the Immortal Flames-an elite force of battle-hardened veterans that once instilled fear in the city-state's neighboring nations during ages past. This unit would act as a core aspect of the army, essentially bolstering its power, and in effect grant more authority to the Sultana and her advisers--something of which those in control of the city-state's economy--namely the Syndicate--are wary.

Hunting Log

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Each Grand Company has their own Hunting Log that is accessible once a player has joined them.


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Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
A Pup No Longer (Immortal Flames) Feature quest 30 Swift
Wolves' Den Pier
Wolves' Den Pier
Company Seal
Company Seal
Like Civilized Men and Women (Immortal Flames) Feature quest 30 Mimio Mio
Shadows Uncast (Immortal Flames) Feature quest 44 Swift
Dzemael Darkhold
Dzemael Darkhold
Company Seal
Company Seal
Gilding the Bilious (Immortal Flames) Feature quest 47 Swift
The Aurum Vale
The Aurum Vale
Company Seal
Company Seal
Squadron and Commander (Immortal Flames) Feature quest 47 Flame Personnel Officer Adventurer Squadrons
Let the Hunt Begin (Immortal Flames) Feature quest 50 Mimio Mio The Hunt


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