Rock the Castrum

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Rock the Castrum

Rock the Castrum Image.png
Quest giver
Northern Thanalan (X:20.8, Y:22.1)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 5,368
Previous quest
Hearts on Fire
Next quest
The Ultimate Weapon

Edelstein would send you forth to commence the penultimate phase of Operation Archon.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Lieutenant Edelstein once more expresses his gratitude for all you have done to lift the spirits of the troops─as well as his own. With morale high once more, the time is nigh to begin the third phase of Operation Archon. March forth to Castrum Meridianum and report for duty to General Raubahn.
  • After gruffly reaffirming his trust in your abilities, Raubahn declares the third phase of Operation Archon a success. All that remains is the small matter of finding and destroying the Ultima Weapon.


Edelstein: You have rekindled the flames of courage that burn within our brave men and women's hearts, and for this, I thank you.
Edelstein: And now, the time for battle is nigh. We must march forth with no worries or regrets.
Edelstein: General Raubahn awaits you at Castrum Meridianum. The battle will not be an easy one, but I trust that you are up to the task. Godsspeed, [GC Rank] [Surname]!
Raubahn: Our hero returns. I trust that your visit has done much to lift the spirits of our garrison on the eve of our greatest battle yet.
Raubahn: Time is of the essence. Let us commence the briefing at once.
Raubahn: We will suffer the Black Wolf to prowl our lands no more! Let us teach the hunter what it is to be hunted!
Alphinaud: Go now, [Forename], and bring us one step closer to the dawn!
Minfilia: See that you come back to us, my friend. May the Crystal bless you and keep you.
Raubahn: I knew you wouldn't let us down, soldier!
Raubahn: With the Praetorium stripped of its defenses, the way to the Ultima Weapon lies open.
Raubahn: The time is come for the final phase of Operation Archon!