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A Spectacle for the Ages

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A Spectacle for the Ages

A Spectacle for the Ages Image.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:13, Y:11)
Quest line
Experience 5,000
Gil 2,793
Previous quest
Next quest
For Those We Can Yet Save

The grand melee is poised to begin, and Lucia would not be late.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Lord Emmanellain is understandably nervous, though somewhat comforted by your presence. Marshaling his courage, he turns his thoughts from defeat to victory, and the stories he might tell Honoroit when he wakens from his torpor.
  • Before the grand melee commences, Lord Emmanellain presents to you a gift: the colors of House Fortemps, which he and his father would have you wear into battle. Obliging his request, you don the armor and take the field with Ishgard, ready to face your brothers and sisters in the Alliance.
  • Bards often sing of how, in battles, the champions of armies are wont to shun lesser combatants and seek out warriors of equal strength, that they might enjoy proper sport in the midst of war. So it was that Raubahn Aldynn, General of the Immortal Flames, the Bull of Ala Mhigo himself, swept aside all comers and challenged you to single combat. The raging flames held back all the world, and for a time, there were but two. Yet when at last the flames died down, and the others turned to see, only one remained standing. It was then that Ser Aymeric, raising both sword and voice to the heavens, proclaimed victory for Ishgard, for the day was theirs.

    As you watch the Ishgardians celebrate their triumph, Thancred, having finally returned from his quarrel with an errant cyclops, offers his congratulations. Though clearly injured, he brushes aside your concern, declaring that there are many, many more important matters to which you both must attend, one day at a time... as Minfilia would have done.

  • Still grinning with the thrill of the fight, Raubahn declares that he had forgotten what it was like to feel so alive. Rarely do men in his position have the opportunity to take part in battle, and he cannot thank you enough for the indulgence. He duly takes his leave, but not before insisting upon a rematch, when time allows. As he strides away, you cannot help but wonder what might have been had the man been possessed of a full set of arms.
  • Ser Aymeric's plan appears to have worked faultlessly, strengthening relations between the city-states and providing a victory certain to inspire the people of Ishgard. With a smile, Thancred tells you to be proud, for it was you that made all of this possible.

Solo Duty Walkthrough

Upon speaking with Emmanellain for the second time, you will enter a solo duty.

  • Siding with Ishgardian company, you will engage in a grand melee versus a combined company of Ul'dahn, Gridanian, and Lominsan fighters.
  • When an enemy is defeated, your force will be rewarded with "Tactical Points", and vice versa. You must attain 100 Tactical Points to complete the duty.
    • Regular enemies will reward you with 1 Tactical Point, while those marked with the Fury's Gaze -- indicated by a purple line extending from a company flag -- will reward you with 10 Tactical Points. These marked targets should be your priority over all else.
  • As soon as the fight begins, immediately search for the opposing combatants marked with the Fury's Gaze and defeat them quickly. As long as your damage is high enough, you should not have to worry about defending your marked allies or defeating non-marked enemies.
  • Once about 40-50 Tactical Points have been attained, the Fury's Gaze will mark your ally, Lucia the Radiant. No enemies are marked at this time, so instead defend Lucia from attacks and/or heal her, if applicable, until the next enemy is marked. You can also use this opportunity to defeat non-marked enemies. It does not lead to failure if she falls, but it does give you more time to earn Tactical Points if she doesn't.
  • At 90+ Tactical Points, a cutscene will trigger and you will enter a one-on-one fight with Raubahn. If you are defeated here, the duty will fail. Take note of his special attacks, avoiding or healing through them accordingly.
    • Raubahn will kick you and knock you back with his attack, The Bull of Ala Mhigo. This will likely push you into the burning outer field, so quickly run back to safety to avoid a burning DoT.
    • Demoralize will continuously place two dark, damage-inducing fields around the arena. Simply lure Raubahn away from these fields if you are a close-range fighter.
    • With Flaming Tizona, he will head to the center of the arena and summon two sets of flaming pillars: first on the outer edge, then closer to the center. Dodge this by staying close to him until the outer pillars expire, then run away to avoid the inner pillars.
    • The Curse sends Raubahn to the center of the arena and consecutively marks the arena with a number of black AoE fields. This occurs three times, each time covering a specific area. Similar to evading Flaming Tizona, close in on Raubahn to avoid the first set of attacks and retreat father away as the attack progresses.
    • Finally, once his health hits less than 40%, Raubahn will jump to the center and begin a long cast of Immortal Flame. Four targetable Tizonas will spawn; destroy as many as you can to avoid suffering fatal damage.
  • Once Raubahn falls, you will attain 100 Tactical Points and the duty will end.