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The Sahagin Vendor, who will sell valuable items for gil or Rainbowtide Psashps.
Clutchfather Novv watching over his children.

Sahagin Daily Quests are the beast tribe quests for the Sahagin. Players can find the Sahagin quest-givers at Novv's Nursery in Western La Noscea. To unlock these quests, players must first complete the level 44 quest They Came from the Deep. Players can then complete the daily quests to earn Reputation points, rank up, and unlock rewards available for purchase.

The story follows Clutchfather Novv and his spawnlings living at Novv's Nursery. Situated right in the midst of the ongoing conflict between The Coral Tridents and The Maelstrom, Novv seeks the help of an adventurer to keep the peace.


Trusted is the maximum rank attainable through Sahagin missions. However, after attaining the maximum rank for all five beast tribes from A Realm Reborn (Amal'jaa, Kobold, Sahagin, Sylph, and Ixali), players can unlock Allied (Rank 8) Reputation by completing the the Allied beast tribe quests. Ranks 5-7 do not exist for the Sahagin.

Rank Reputation Required
Neutral (Rank 1) 150/150
Recognized (Rank 2) 360/360
Friendly (Rank 3) 510/510
Trusted (Rank 4) --
Allied (Rank 8) --


Rewards can be purchased from the Sahagin Vendor for gil or Rainbowtide Psashps. Rewards include crafting materials, dyes, housing decorations, minions, and a mount. More items because available for purchase as the player increases their beast tribe rank.

Note that Rainbowtide Psashps are only obtainable after reaching Recognized (Rank 3) Reputation.

Main Quests

These quests make up the main story of the Sahagin questline. After achieving Neutral Reputation upon completion of the first two main quests, players can earn Reputation points through repeatable daily quests. New daily quests are unlocked at each Reputation rank.

Quest Type Level Quest giver
They Came from the Deep Feature quest 44 R'ashaht Rhiki
Clutch and Kin Feature quest 44 Novv
The Scarlet Bloodletter Feature quest 46 Novv
Watching the Spawn Feature quest 48 Novv
Like Clutchfather, Like Son Feature quest 48 Novv

Daily Quests

Each quest-giver will only offer three quests a day, randomly selected from their list, and no new daily quests are unlocked at Trusted Reputation. As such, a maximum of nine Sahagin daily quests can be undertaken in a day when at Friendly Reputation.

Level 44 Quests / Neutral Reputation

Obtained from Fyuu. Rewards 10 Reputation points per quest.

Quest Type Level Quest giver
A Crate-ful Response Daily quest 44 Fyuu
A Killer Strategy Daily quest 44 Fyuu
A Quick Snip Daily quest 44 Fyuu
A Taste for Paste Daily quest 44 Fyuu
Enemy at the Tidegates Daily quest 44 Fyuu
Skullduggery Daily quest 44 Fyuu
Spawning Ground Salvation Daily quest 44 Fyuu
Standard Procedure
Violence of the Clams
Wind from Their Sails

Level 46 Quests / Recognized Reputation

Obtained from Houu. Rewards 14 Reputation points per quest.

Quest Type Level Quest giver
Ain't Got Time to Breed Daily quest 46 Houu
A Nap Before Drowning Daily quest 46 Houu
Ballista Bust-up Daily quest 46 Houu
Better Ash than Blood Daily quest 46 Houu
Clutchfather Knows Best Daily quest 46 Houu
Get a Lode of This Daily quest 46 Houu
In the Shadow of the Moon Daily quest 46 Houu
Learn by Destroying Daily quest 46 Houu
Move Along, Nothing to Heal Here Daily quest 46 Houu
Put a Shhhock in It Daily quest 46 Houu

Level 48 Quests / Friendly Reputation

Obtained from Seww. Rewards 20 Reputation points per quest.

Quest Type Level Quest giver
Tines of the Trident
An Enthralling Engagement
Reaving in a Hurry
Shellfish Schemes
Up in Shhhmoke
The Tail's the Best Part
Unfair Trading
Sea Scraps
Plunder Fire
Removing the Stain Daily quest 48 Seww

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