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Sahagin Daily Quests are the Beast Tribe Quests for the Sahagin race. Players can find the Sahagin quest-givers at Novv's Nursery in Western La Noscea (x17,y21). To unlock Sahagin Daily Quests, players must complete the level 44 quest They Came from the Deep. Players can start the quest in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:13,Y:12). Players must have completed the Main Story Quest In Pursuit of the Past.


Players can unlock Sahagin Daily Quests by completing the following:

Quest Level NPC Zone Coordinates EXP Gil
They Came from the Deep 44 R'ashaht Rhiki Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x13,y12) 12190 729
Clutch and Kin 44 Novv Western La Noscea (x16,y22) 12190 729
The Scarlet Bloodletter 46 Novv Western La Noscea (x16,y22) 12925 753
Watching the Spawn 48 Novv Western La Noscea (x16,y22) 13965 776
Like Clutchfather, Like Son 48 Novv Western La Noscea (x16,y22) 13965 1184


Rank Rep Required
Neutral 150
Recognized 360
Friendly 510
Trusted --
Allied --

'Trusted' is the maximum rank attainable through Sahagin missions. 'Allied' is unlocked by completing the Allied Beast Tribe Quests, after having attained the maximum rank for the five ARR Beast Tribes.

Daily Quests

Level 44

Obtained from Fyuu (Rewards 10 reputation points per quest)

Quest Name Description
A Crate-ful Response Speak to Pahh to gain access to the ship. Approach the cargo crate, spawning a Surftooth Sentry. Kill it, and interact with the crate. Repeat to collect three crates, and use the exit to return.
A Killer Strategy obtain Coral Armband from Voll the Sharkskinned in the FATE Sharknado.
A Quick Snip Slay two Moonshine Pugils and obtain their flesh. Use them to spawn snippers and collect the claws.
A Taste for Paste Steal giant clams full of megaladon paste. Collect a total of three.
Enemy at the Tidegates Destroy 2 Whelk Basistae.
Skullduggery Kill two infiltrators after interacting with them. They can be found along the wall in the red areas.
Spawning Ground Salvation Obtain three manacle keys from Sahagin sentries then free three Captive Storm Recruits.
Standard Procedure Burn the battle standards using the small flint stone you are given. The standards are found in front of each of the tidegates at the entrance to the region.
Violence of the Clams Speak to Pahh to gain access to the island. Gather five whiteclap clams. Note - mobs will spawn as you approach the clams. Speak to the elbst again to leave.
Wind from Their Sails Speak to Pahh to gain access to the ship. Defeat enemies aboard the ship and then vanquish the leader when he appears. Use the exit to leave the ship.

Level 46 / Reputation: Recognized

Obtained from Houu (Rewards 14 reputation points per quest)

Quest Name Description
Ain't Got Time to Breed Dispatch two Sapsa Elbst. Use Milky Vitriol on the Big Flipper when it appears and slay it.
A Nap Before Drowning Use pot stoppers on paralysis pots in the Sapsa Spawning Grounds.
Ballista Bust-up Destroy two ballistas. This is a heavy aggro area, which makes it a bit more difficult.
Better Ash than Blood Use flint stones on stolen armaments in the Sapsa Spawning Grounds and slay any Coral Tridents that appear.
Clutchfather Knows Best Participate in the FATE "Tail of a Whale" and deliver proof of your deed which is a Coral Ring.
Get a Lode of This Lie in wait for Serpent Reaver seamen at the approach to Sapsa Spawning Grounds.
In the Shadow of the Moon Speak to Pahh to go to gain access to the island. Find and dispatch four Serpent Reavers on Moonshade Isle.
Learn by Destroying Speak to Pahh to go to gain access to the merchantman. Kill four Surfgsping Sahagin on the ship.
Move Along, Nothing to Heal Here Slay three shoaltooth Shagin.
Put a Shhhock in It Use moon jellyfish on noxious barnacles in the Sapsa Spawning Grounds and slay any pugils that appear.

Level 48 / Reputation: Friendly

Obtained from Seww (Rewards 20 reputation points per quest)

Quest Name Description
Tines of the Trident Defeat a Sapsa shelfscale, shelfclaw and shelftooth, and slay each of the chiefs when they spawn.
An Enthralling Engagement Free 5 imprisoned soldiers and defeat any thralls that spawn.
Reaving in a Hurry Defeat shelfscale, shelfeye and shelf claw reavers, and kill the adds that spawn each time.
Shellfish Schemes Destroy 2 Reinforced whelk ballistae.
Up in Shhhmoke Burn 4 pillaged goods in Reaver Hide.
The Tail's the Best Part Kill an axolotl to get a tail. Secure a broth trough, and place the tail in it. Deliver the meat back to Seww.
Unfair Trading Talk to Pahh to ride to the merchantman. Kill Drowned raiders aboard the ship and slay the Drowned seaman when he appears.
Sea Scraps Talk to Pahh to ride to the merchantman. Free 4 Captive soldiers on deck.
Plunder Fire Talk to Pahh to ride to the merchantman. Burn 4 plundered cargo on deck.
Removing the Stain Participate in the FATE "Watch Your Tongue" in the Serpent's Tongue, and deliver the coral necklace to Seww.


Item Icon Reputation Gil
Table Salt Table salt icon1.png Neutral 2
Cinnamon File:Cinnamon icon1.png Neutral 4
Garlean Garlic Garlean garlic icon1.png Neutral 5
Smooth Butter Smooth butter icon1.png Neutral 2
Sunset Wheat Flour Sunset wheat flour icon1.png Neutral 4
Olive Oil Olive Oil.png Neutral 8
Black Pepper Black Pepper.png Neutral 13
Sun Lemon Sun lemon icon1.png Neutral 28
Night Milk Night milk icon1.png Neutral 84
Midland Basil Midland basil icon1.png Neutral 111
Coral Pink Dye Coral pink dye icon1.png Friendly 334
Rhotano Blue Dye Rhotano blue dye icon1.png Friendly 334
Shadow Blue Dye Shadow blue dye icon1.png Friendly 334
Iris Purple Dye Iris purple dye icon1.png Friendly 334
Lilac Purple Dye Lilac purple dye icon1.png Recognized 216
Corpse Blue Dye Corpse blue dye icon1.png Recognized 216
Lavender Blue Dye Lavender blue dye icon1.png Recognized 216
Wind-up Sahagin Wind-up sahagin icon1.png Trusted 25,000
Elbst Horn Elbst horn icon1.png Trusted 120,000
Sahagin Living Lamp Sahagin living lamp icon1.png Trusted 26,136
Sahagin Hanging Larder Sahagin hanging larder icon1.png Trusted 21,780
Glamour Dispeller Glamour dispeller icon1.png Trusted 500
Wind-up Sea Devil Wind-up sea devil icon1.png Allied 25,000

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