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Settlements are small, populated areas found within the various zones on the in-game map. Players may find useful NPCs such as merchants, menders, chocobokeeps, and delivery moogles within the boundaries of a settlement. They are usually -- but not always -- safe from hostile enemies.

List of Settlements by Region

La Noscea

Middle La Noscea

Lower La Noscea

Eastern La Noscea

Western La Noscea

Upper La Noscea

Outer La Noscea

The Black Shroud

Central Shroud

East Shroud

South Shroud

North Shroud


Western Thanalan

Central Thanalan

Eastern Thanalan

Southern Thanalan

Northern Thanalan


Coerthas Central Highlands

Coerthas Western Highlands

Mor Dhona

Abalathia's Spine


Gyr Abania



The Ruby Sea