Lightning Sprite

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Lightning Sprite

Lightning Sprite is a Lightning Elemental found in Lower La Noscea.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Lightning Shard Crystal ABasic 1
 Lightning Sprite Core 1
 Lightning Sprite Core (The Deathliest Catch) 1
 Lightning Crystal Crystal ABasic 1
 Luminous Crystal 1


Zone Coordinates Level range
Lower La Noscea (X:19, Y:34) 10–14
Lower La Noscea (X:20, Y:32) 10
Western La Noscea Unknown 10–14
Copperbell Mines Unknown 17
Lower La Noscea (X:21, Y:35) 14–19
Halatali Unknown 20
The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak Unknown 23
Lower La Noscea (X:21, Y:36) 24–27
Central Shroud (X:15, Y:19) 29
Central Shroud Unknown 30–34
Central Shroud Unknown 34
Outer La Noscea Unknown 40–44
Mor Dhona (X:16, Y:15) 45
Mor Dhona (X:31, Y:11) 46–49
Mor Dhona (X:25, Y:12) 50
The Churning Mists Unknown 59–60
Azys Lla Unknown 59–60
Yanxia Unknown 64


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Nailed It Sidequest 13 Hezzkhezl
The Legend Continues Job quest 50 Erik



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