Armor Outfitter

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Armor Outfitter

Armor Outfitter Aleport.PNG

Male ♂
Roegadyn (Sea Wolves)
Western La Noscea (26.0,26.1)

— In-game description

Armor Outfitter is a Roegadyn found in Western La Noscea.

Items for Sale

Purchase Battle Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Bronze celata icon1.png   Bronze Celata Head ABasic 15
Gil 661
Hunting hat icon1.png   Hunting Hat Head ABasic 16
Gil 513
Ash mask icon1.png   Ash Mask Head ABasic 16
Gil 308
Decorated bronze barbut icon1.png   Decorated Bronze Barbut Head ABasic 17
Gil 672
Goatskin pot helm icon1.png   Goatskin Pot Helm Head ABasic 18
Gil 607
Cotton coif icon1.png   Cotton Coif Head ABasic 19
Gil 524
Bronze cuirass icon1.png   Bronze Cuirass Body ABasic 15
Gil 819
Cotton cowl icon1.png   Cotton Cowl Body ABasic 15
Gil 663
Cotton tabard icon1.png   Cotton Tabard Body ABasic 16
Gil 508
Cotton acton icon1.png   Cotton Acton Body ABasic 18
Gil 752
Cotton dalmatica icon1.png   Cotton Dalmatica Body ABasic 18
Gil 602
Bronze gauntlets icon1.png   Bronze Gauntlets Hands ABasic 15
Gil 588
Fingerless hard leather gloves icon1.png   Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves Hands ABasic 15
Gil 420
Hard leather ringbands icon1.png   Hard Leather Ringbands Hands ABasic 16
Gil 365
Decorated bronze mitt gauntlets icon1.png   Decorated Bronze Mitt Gauntlets Hands ABasic 17
Gil 598
Goatskin mitts icon1.png   Goatskin Mitts Hands ABasic 17
Gil 498
Iron vambraces icon1.png   Iron Vambraces Hands ABasic 19
Gil 698
Padded hempen trousers icon1.png   Padded Hempen Trousers Legs ABasic 15
Gil 450
Cotton tights icon1.png   Cotton Tights Legs ABasic 15
Gil 315
Cotton trousers icon1.png   Cotton Trousers Legs ABasic 17
Gil 534
Cotton breeches icon1.png   Cotton Breeches Legs ABasic 19
Gil 499
Bronze sabatons icon1.png   Bronze Sabatons Feet ABasic 15
Gil 672
Hard leather crakows icon1.png   Hard Leather Crakows Feet ABasic 15
Gil 384
Hard leather boots icon1.png   Hard Leather Boots Feet ABasic 15
Gil 480
Goatskin leggings icon1.png   Goatskin Leggings Feet ABasic 17
Gil 569
Padded leather duckbills icon1.png   Padded Leather Duckbills Feet ABasic 19
Gil 532

Purchase Field Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Cotton scarf icon1.png   Cotton Scarf Head ABasic 15
Gil 283
Hard leather skullcap icon1.png   Hard Leather Skullcap Head ABasic 15
Gil 378
Cotton coif of gathering icon1.png   Cotton Coif of Gathering Head ABasic 19
Gil 524
Initiates headgear icon1.png   Initiate's Headgear Head ABasic 20
Gil 708
Cotton shepherds tunic icon1.png   Cotton Shepherd's Tunic Body ABasic 15
Gil 468
Cotton dalmatica of gathering icon1.png   Cotton Dalmatica of Gathering Body ABasic 18
Gil 602
Cotton kurta icon1.png   Cotton Kurta Body ABasic 18
Gil 602
Cotton halfgloves icon1.png   Cotton Halfgloves Hands ABasic 15
Gil 336
Goatskin wristguards icon1.png   Goatskin Wristguards Hands ABasic 16
Gil 365
Cotton work gloves icon1.png   Cotton Work Gloves Hands ABasic 20
Gil 630
Initiates gloves icon1.png   Initiate's Gloves Hands ABasic 20
Gil 630
Cotton shepherds slops icon1.png   Cotton Shepherd's Slops Legs ABasic 15
Gil 360
Cotton chausses icon1.png   Cotton Chausses Legs ABasic 15
Gil 315
Cotton breeches of crafting icon1.png   Cotton Breeches of Crafting Legs ABasic 19
Gil 499
Initiates slops icon1.png   Initiate's Slops Legs ABasic 20
Gil 540
Hard leather espadrilles icon1.png   Hard Leather Espadrilles Feet ABasic 15
Gil 384
Ash pattens icon1.png   Ash Pattens Feet ABasic 15
Gil 432
Padded leather duckbills of gathering icon1.png   Padded Leather Duckbills of Gathering Feet ABasic 19
Gil 532
Initiates thighboots icon1.png   Initiate's Thighboots Feet ABasic 20
Gil 720