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Western La Noscea
(La Noscea)
Connects to
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (Ferry)
Lower La Noscea (Ferry)
The Isles of Umbra (Ferry)
Aleport (X:26, Y:25)


Unlike water, ale will not go stagnant on long sea voyages. Thus, many ships put into this, the second harbor on Vylbrand, to fill their holds with the stuff. Subsequently, Aleport does a goodly trade in grog, a trade encouraged by low taxes on various brews. Less well known, however, is that this was a stratagem specifically designed to prevent large vessels from clogging the port o fLimsa Lominsa.

— In-game description

Aleport is an area in Western La Noscea.

Statue of The Navigator found at Aleport's center.
Pharos Sirius as seen from Aleport.

Aleport is a settlement located in Western La Noscea. The harbor sees many ships come and go, often to fill their holds with the eponymous ale sold there. A lower tax on liquor has made it the stop of choice for merchants looking to sell their alcoholic goods and ship crews stocking up for long voyages.

The port was nearly lost when the Calamity wrecked a great number of trading ships, eventually regaining its status as a thriving, drunkard-filled hub.



Side Quests

Quest Level NPC Location
Leves of Aleport 15 Orwen (x27.5,y27)
Curiosity Killed the Coeurl 15 Skribyld (x26.5,y26.5)
Like Cats and Dogs 15 Skribyld (x26.5,y26.5)
Man's Best Fiend 15 Skribyld (x26.5,y26.5)
Keep Your Day Job 15 S'nairoh (x26.5,y25.5)
Mountains out of Molehills 15 S'nairoh (x26.5,y25.5)
Walk of Shame 15 S'nairoh (x26.5,y25.5)
Mummy Dearest 15 Ahldfoet (x27.5,y28.5)
On a Wing and a Prayer 15 Ahldfoet (x27.5,y28.5)
Long Walk Off a Short Pier 48 Ururu Kogururu (x26.5,y25.5)
Sirius Business 50 Diamanda (x26.5,y26.5)
Why So Sirius 50 Diamanda (x26.5,y26.5)


Battlecraft Leves

Leve Name Level Type Category NPC Location
Barley Legal 15 Battle Sympathy Orwen (x27,y27)
Beasts of Bourbon 15 Battle Resolve Orwen (x27,y27)
Field Testing 15 Battle Confidence Orwen (x27,y27)
Sucked Dry 15 Battle Tenacity Orwen (x27,y27)
First to Reave 15 Battle Temperance Orwen (x27,y27)
A Glamourous Life 15 Battle Veracity Orwen (x27,y27)

Fieldcraft Leves

Leve Name Level Type Category NPC Location Item Needed
The Deepest Cut 15 Fisher Concord Orwen (x27,y27) Razor Clam x3
The Moral of the Coral 15 Fisher Sincerity Orwen (x27,y27) White Coral x3
Crab Life by the Horns 15 Fisher Sincerity Orwen (x27,y27) Helmet Crab x3
My Own Private Shell 15 Fisher Concord Orwen (x27,y27) Rothlyt Oyster x3

Tradecraft Leves

Leve Name Level Type Category NPC Location Item Needed
Still Crazy After All These Years 15 Armorer Ingenuity Orwen (x27,y27) Initiate's Alembic
A Well-rounded Crew 15 Armorer Constancy Orwen (x27,y27) Iron Hoplon
A Firm Hand 15 Armorer Constancy Orwen (x27,y27) Iron Gauntlets
Tools of the Trade 15 Blacksmith Ingenuity Orwen (x27,y27) Iron Doming Hammer
Honest Ballast 15 Blacksmith Constancy Orwen (x27,y27) Initiate's Head Knife
Get a Little Bit Closer 15 Blacksmith Constancy Orwen (x27,y27) Brass Knuckles
Rustic Repast 15 Culinarian Constancy Orwen (x27,y27) Chicken and Mushrooms x3
Sweet Smell of Success 15 Culinarian Constancy Orwen (x27,y27) Lavender Oil x5
Flakes for Friends 15 Culinarian Ingenuity Orwen (x27,y27) Apple Tart x3