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Sightseeing Log, introduced in patch 2.28, allows the player to solve various riddles in turn to experience the spectacular sceneries in Eorzea. Players can unlock these Vistas at specific locations, at certain times, in certain weathers and by performing specific emotes.

Sightseeing Log can be quite time consuming. The player has not only find and reach the specific location but also the time of the day and weather effects must match the description of the riddle.

In Heavensward (3.0), brand new sightseeing logs were introduced. They are easier to identify and have no weather or time requirements.


  • Some locations are difficult to reach. They might require the players to solve jumping puzzles or use sprint.
  • Weather has a chance to change at 12:05AM, 8:05AM and 4:05PM Eorzea Time (In-game time).
  • 1 Minute real life time = 20 minutes Eorzea time. (That's one minute every three seconds)
  • Players will know they are standing at the right spot when the message "You have arrived at a Vista" appears in chat.
  • If players have moved away from the vista, a message "You have strayed too far from the Vista" appears.
  • Some Vistas require the players to face specific directions. Try changing the directions of your character if you are unable to unlock certain Vistas.


Players can unlock the Sightseeing Log by completing the level 20 quest A Sight to Behold. Players can start the quest by talking to the NPC Naoh Gamduhla in New Gridania (x11,y13). Players must have previously completed the main story quest: Sylph-management.


Players can unlock Heavensward sightseeing logs by speaking to Kester Ironheart in The Dravanian Forelands (x32,y23). Players must be a combat class level 50 or higher to tackle these sightseeing logs.


Players can unlock Stormblood sightseeing logs by speaking to Ulger Ironheart in Rhalgr's Reach (x10.5, y13).


Players can unlock Shadowbringers sightseeing logs by speaking to Eirlalth in The Crystarium (x9.5, y9.7).

Shadowbringers Locations/Vistas

Each Vista gives 172,500 EXP as long as your class is at least a level 70 Disciple of War or Magic.

# Zone Coordinate Emote Comment
1 The Crystarium (x8.6, y11.2) /lookout On the entrance arch to The Rotunda. Use stairs near Aetheryte to get there.
2 The Crystarium (x10.4, y13.1) /lookout Start at (x10.4,y13.5) go to the top floor and jump from there to the tent
3 The Crystarium (x9.9, y5.9) /lookout Second floor off staircase in the Cabinet of curiosity.
4 The Crystarium (x11.0, y4.7)) /lookout Go down runway of Amaro launch.
5 The Crystarium (x7.1, y9.6) /lookout Jump atop post from stairs. (jump to small bar from stairs first)
6 Eulmore (x11.7, y8.4) /lookout Sprint from top of wrecked ship to other side.
7 Eulmore (x12.4, y14.0) /lookout on ship (south on Eulmore Map), Same distance from Nightsoil and Southeast Aetherytes
8 Eulmore (x11.1, y11.4) /lookout On top of pole in Understory, Drop from above (or get rez'd as BLU)
9 Eulmore (x12.3, y10.4) /lookout In "The Beehive", in corner near stage stairs
10 Lakeland (x37.4, y20.9) /lookout On top of tower in Fort Job (Requires Flying)
11 Lakeland (x18.4, y18.7) /lookout top of the tower "Radisca's Round"
12 Lakeland (x22.1, y15.1) /lookout On top of "The Hall of the Thrice Born" (Requires Flying)
13 Lakeland (x6.3, y15.2) /lookout all the way at the top of the tower.
14 Lakeland (x8.7, y22.9) /lookout "The Hour of Certain Durance" overlooking "Mortal Irons" (Requires Flying)
15 Lakeland (x21.5, y36.2) /lookout On top of boulders on Brick (Requires Flying)
16 Kholusia (x33.2, y28.9, z0.3) /lookout On top of rock formation.
17 Kholusia (x28.8, y22.1, z0.3) /lookout Slightly west of Greely bridge one edge of river ledge near waterfall.
18 Kholusia (x23.6, y38.1) /lookout On crates near Eulmore.
19 Kholusia (x18.2, y29.3, z0.4) /lookout On top of hill east of Aetheryte (Wright).
20 Kholusia (x12.1, y22.1, z3.6) /lookout Atop The Ladder.
21 Kholusia (x13.6, y9.8, z4.6) /lookout On top of the tall rock just southeast of the Tomra aetheryte. (Requires Flying).
22 Kholusia (x37.1, y11.5, z2.8) /lookout On top of a cliff overlooking the camp.
23 Amh Araeng (x33.6, y13.5, z0.7) /lookout At edge of cliff near Pitch.
24 Amh Araeng (x25.3, y16.6, z2.4) /lookout On top of one of the pillars of The Rack (Requires Flying).
25 Amh Araeng (x28.5, y31.9, z0.7 /lookout Requires Flying, On top of the wooden watchtower.
26 Amh Araeng (x22.1, y9.4, z1.6) /lookout On top of a barrel cart at the mine
27 Amh Araeng (x11.1, y16.9, z1.7) /lookout On the lift/crane
28 Amh Araeng (x20.4, y21.3, z1.1) /lookout Located at Kelk on a broken stone pillar.
29 Il Mheg (x14.8, y31.9, z0.9) /lookout Atop the biggest structure in Lydha Lran (Requires Flying). Although probably not intended, you can jump on the structure from the back, at around x15.0 y32.4, removing the need of flight.
30 Il Mheg (x8.7, y16.8, z0.6) /lookout Atop Urianger's house (Requires Flying).
31 Il Mheg (x20.2, y4.6, z1.2) /lookout On top of a mushroom house in Pla Enni. (Requires flying).
32 Il Mheg (x21.4, y20.9, z-0.7) /lookout underwater on platform
33 Il Mheg (x20.8, y16.3, z1.7) /lookout Atop the big spire before the gate to Lyhe Ghiah (Requires Flying).
34 Il Mheg (x35.7, y24.8, z1.9) /lookout In front of a waterfall at Saint Fathric's Temple (Requires Flying).
35 The Rak'tika Greatwood (x13.6, y32.5) /lookout On top of the tower in the center of Fort Gohn (Requires Flying).
36 The Rak'tika Greatwood (x8.9, y25.1) /lookout On top of a branch just above the water.
37 The Rak'tika Greatwood (x4.3, y27.2, z-0.9) /lookout Underwater on top of a stone doorway
38 The Rak'tika Greatwood (x14.1, y18.3) /lookout On a small rock near waterfall
39 The Rak'tika Greatwood (x29.1, y19.0, z0.3) /lookout To left upon entering village from the south.
40 The Rak'tika Greatwood (x26.4, y10.0) /lookout On top of a pillar of the back pyramid. Walk up to it from x27.1, y9.4 if you can't fly.
41 The Tempest (x33.0, y16.2, z-1.5) /lookout Northeastern entrance to The Ondo Cups
42 The Tempest (x34.5, y25.4) /lookout In "The Workbench"
43 The Tempest (x37.1, y6.6) /lookout Inside “Where the Dry Returns”
44 The Tempest (x34.3, y30.6, z-7.9) /lookout Top of the rocks at the back of the room in the Purpure (Requires Flying). The entrance to the Purpure is at (x29.2, y29.7, z-7.9) very bottom of the map.
45 The Tempest (x13.7, y36.8, z-4.1) /lookout On top of the Capitol.

Stormblood Locations/Vistas

# Zone Coordinate Emote Comment
1 The Fringes (x21.9,y26.9,z0.8) /lookout Top of roof at Castellum Velodyna
2 The Fringes (x24.2,y16.2,z0.7) /lookout Near top of the ruin
3 The Fringes (x23.2,y7.2,z0.6) /lookout Top of entry door (inside)
4 The Fringes (x09.3,y10.8,z1.7) /lookout North tower at Castrum Oriens
5 The Fringes (x08.6,y26.4,z0.9) /lookout On the tree
6 The Fringes (x36.5,y16.4,z2.1) /lookout Outside, on top of the temple
7 The Fringes (x30.0,y25.2,z2.4) /lookout Top of mountain at The Peering Stones
8 The Peaks (x33.3,y10.2,z2.2) /lookout Top of cliff
9 The Peaks (x27.0,y36.8,z2.9) /lookout Top of the little tower
10 The Peaks (x22.0,y32.8) /lookout On Nyunkrepf's Hope
11 The Peaks (x25.1,y5.8,z1.1) /lookout Top of the cliff
12 The Peaks (x19.9,y23.4,z3.2) /lookout Edge of the tower. Need to fly
13 The Peaks (x08.1,y37.5,z2.6) /lookout Behind structure
14 The Peaks (x18.3,y14.3,z0.8) /lookout On the hill
15 The Peaks (x07.5,y7.6,z0.1) /lookout On a pillar (inside)
16 The Lochs (x23.5,y33.7,z1.7) /lookout Plateau Looking Over Salt Lake. Needs flying.
17 The Lochs (x35.2,y33.2,z1.5) /lookout Top of the tower
18 The Lochs (x13.8,y35.5) /lookout Top of the Tower
19 The Lochs (x20.5,y16.5,z0.8) /pray Top of the Stairs
20 The Lochs (x33.9,y30.2) /lookout Talk with the gatekeeper inside Ala Mhigan Quater to enter in the Sewers.
21 The Lochs (x05.9,y22.0,z2.4) /lookout Face Big Castle in Distance.
22 Kugane (x14.3,y9.6) /lookout Balcony
23 Kugane (x09.4,y7.3) /sit In a tub of water on top of the inn.
24 Kugane (x13.2,y12.7) /lookout Balcony
25 Kugane (x11.9,y11.7) /lookout Balcony
26 Kugane (x10.2,y10.0) /lookout On top of the Shiokaze Hostelry. Requires savage jumping skills.
27 The Ruby Sea (x25.9,y13.0,z-1.0) /lookout Underwater between Tamamizu and Onokoro
28 The Ruby Sea (x32.9y,8.7,z1.0) /lookout Top of cliff. Require flying.
29 The Ruby Sea (x24.0,y5.6,z0.4) /lookout Top of cliff. Require flying.
30 The Ruby Sea (x31.5,y37.2,z0.6) /lookout On top of the watchtower. Requires flying.
31 The Ruby Sea (x10.1,y26.7,z0.1) /lookout On a small rock ledge against the wall
32 The Ruby Sea (x06.4,y10.8,z0.1) /lookout On top of platform between two large rocks. Need flying.
33 Yanxia (x12.4,y26.7,z1.1) /lookout On top of a wall. Needs Flying.
34 Yanxia (x30.3,y32.9,z0.8) /lookout On top of an imperial tower. Needs flying.
35 Yanxia (x34.3,y18.3,z1.1) /lookout NE of Namai, on top tower. Needs flying.
36 Yanxia (x30.4,y6.2,z0.4) /lookout On top of the rock. Needs flying.
37 Yanxia (x14.8,y6.3,z0.9) /lookout On the roof of an archway on the bridge. Needs flying.
38 Yanxia (x19.5,y20.5,z1.5) /lookout On a ledge on the gate. Needs flying.
39 Yanxia (x15.2,y31.6,z0.6) /lookout On top of the building. Needs flying.
40 The Azim Steppe (x14.2,y9.8,z1.1) /lookout On top of a rock pillar. Needs flying.
41 The Azim Steppe (x12.2,y32.0,z0.3 /lookout On top of a rock formation. Needs flying.
42 The Azim Steppe (x19.8,y33.7,z0.7) /lookout On the head of the statue. Needs Flying.
43 The Azim Steppe (x34.5,y31.9,z0.2) /lookout On top of a cliff. Needs flying.
44 The Azim Steppe (x20.0,y12.6,z1.0) /pray On top of the tower. Needs flying.
45 The Azim Steppe (x22.6,y21.2,z1.7) /lookout On top of the tower. Needs flying.
46 Rhalgr's Reach (x11.4,y13.9) /lookout Use pillar beside the arch and jump from middle of it.
47 Rhalgr's Reach (x10.5,y9.7) /lookout Small jumps puzzle start at (10.1,9.3)
48 The Fringes (x27.5,y35.1,z1.4) /lookout Looking over The Yawn. 6pm to ??.
49 The Peaks (x14.3,y36.6,z2.6) /lookout On the pillar of the western wall.
50 The Peaks (x20.4,y22.9,z2.6) /lookout On top of a lamp. Need to fly
51 The Lochs (x17.1,y19.2,z-2.9) /lookout Under water on top of the statue's hand.
52 The Lochs (x36.0,y33.5,z0.8) /lookout Fall from a pillar onto it
53 Kugane (x11.1,y9.9)) /lookout Jump from top of "Kugane Tower" and land on lamp post to north of statue.
54 Kugane (x09.8,y8.3) /lookout On top of the gate at the end of the street.
55 Kugane (x12.5,y10.6) /lookout On the corner of a concrete pillar attached to the roof.
56 Kugane (x09.9,y12.3) /lookout Inside Kugane Ofunakura across the banners attached to stairs
57 The Ruby Sea (x05.0,y36.4,z-8.6) /lookout Underwater on a coral near Shusui
58 The Ruby Sea (x09.5,y19.0,z0.1) /lookout A small island off Zekki. Requires flying. Available in morning from 5:30am-8:00am
59 The Ruby Sea (x21.5,y11.9,z0.3) /lookout On the shore fly to the top of the boat mast
60 Yanxia (x35.6,y38.8,z-1.2) /lookout Underwater
61 The Azim Steppe (x31.3,y11.5,z0.6) /lookout On top of arch on the Mol tribe hut
62 The Azim Steppe (x21.8,y20.3,z-0.5) /lookout Underwater under The Dawn Throne

Heavensward Locations/Vistas

Vistas in Heavensward areas are far easier to identify than ARR Vistas. Heavensward Vistas are small blue glowing orbs at which players need to /lookout or use another emote. While players need to have flying unlocked, there are no time or weather requirements. Each Vista gives 18k EXP as long as your class is at least a level 50 Disciple of War or Magic.

# Zone Coordinate Emote Comment
1 Coerthas Western Highlands (x32,y36,z2.4) /lookout On top of the tower
2 Coerthas Western Highlands (x20,y23,z1.7) /lookout On the bones of the dragon
3 Coerthas Western Highlands (x10.3,y18,z1.7) /lookout On The Dreaming Dragon
4 Coerthas Western Highlands (x20,y6.6,z0.9) /lookout Dusk Vigil
5 Coerthas Western Highlands (x31.6,y4.8,z1.3) /lookout On the bridge
6 Coerthas Western Highlands (x36.2,y19.2,z1.6) /lookout On top of house
7 Coerthas Western Highlands (x20.6,y36.5,z1.8) /lookout On cliffs
8 The Dravanian Forelands (x27.4,y36.3,z1.7) /lookout Window ledge
9 The Dravanian Forelands (x12.0,y39.4,z1.0) /lookout On top of the dragon statue
10 The Dravanian Forelands (x16.6,y23.3,z5.6) /lookout On top of highest tower, on the head of dragon
11 The Dravanian Forelands (x29.6,y6.1,z2.4) /lookout On Archway
12 The Dravanian Forelands (x8.2,y6.1,z1.6) /pray On entrance to dungeon
13 The Dravanian Forelands (x33.9,y23.5,z1.4) /lookout Above entrance to town
14 The Dravanian Forelands (x11.4,y13.4,z6.6) /lookout Cliffside
15 The Churning Mists (x29,y35) /lookout On a mushroom inside cave, overlooking center of Moghome
16 The Churning Mists (x29,y13) /lookout End of bridge
17 The Churning Mists (x18.6,y6.4,z3.6) /lookout Middle top structure
18 The Churning Mists (x07.8,y27.0,z5.4) /lookout Top of giant structure
19 The Churning Mists (x17,y37) /pray At the Lost Landlord
20 The Churning Mists (x35,y20) /lookout Top of stairs of Broken Tower
21 The Churning Mists (x23.2,y18.6,z1.5) /lookout Under the building
22 The Sea of Clouds (x15.2,y37.7,z1.0) /lookout On the tarp of the tree house
23 The Sea of Clouds (x37.2,y40.1,z1.6) /doze Inside floating egg prison
24 The Sea of Clouds (x39.9,y21.9,z2.8) /lookout Lone floating tree
25 The Sea of Clouds (x13.0,y8.9) /lookout Small island
26 The Sea of Clouds (x18.4,y27,z5.5) /lookout On top of the Hall of the Fallen Plume
27 The Sea of Clouds (x25.0,y23.9,z0.7) /lookout Near bottom of the world
28 The Sea of Clouds (x38.1,y11.7,z2.0) /lookout Top of Hengr's Crucible
29 The Dravanian Hinterlands (x40.1,y21.8,z1.9) /lookout On cliff bottom of the mountain.
30 The Dravanian Hinterlands (x17.9,y23.2,z0.4) /lookout Waterfall on the side of cliff
31 The Dravanian Hinterlands (x22,y27) /lookout Located on floating rock on top of the dome.
32 The Dravanian Hinterlands (x10.1,y35.9,z1.1) /lookout In the caves at the top of a ladder near roof of cave
33 The Dravanian Hinterlands (x28.8,y37.8,z3.6) /lookout On top of the building (the Great Gubal Library)
34 The Dravanian Hinterlands (x32.7,y11.9) /lookout Small outcrop on the edge of the map
35 The Dravanian Hinterlands (x13.0, y21.6, z1.5) /lookout Tallest pillar on the building
36 Azys Lla (x39.2,y17.0,z6.8) /lookout On top of northern spire on island
37 Azys Lla (x33.4,y35.6,z8.2) /lookout Top of tower
38 Azys Lla (x06.0,y30.6,z6.0) /lookout On the lone island
39 Azys Lla (x10.9,y35.6,z5.8) /lookout On the broken walkway
40 Azys Lla (x06.1,y9.9,z7.0) /lookout all the way on top of the Helix
41 Azys Lla (x09.4,y21.5,z7.1) /lookout On top of the Quarantine Block, on the blue ball
42 Azys Lla (x30.4,y11.4,z6.9) /lookout On top of red ball stuck in south side of hill
43 Coerthas Western Highlands (x32,y28) /rally On the hand of the giant statue
44 Coerthas Western Highlands (x29.9,y23.8,z1.5) /lookout On a lantern on the bridge. You must climb up the chain on the bridge and then fall onto the lantern to reach it.
45 Coerthas Western Highlands (x09.0,y10.4,z0.4) /sit In the pond
46 Coerthas Western Highlands (x12.7,y8.2,z0.9) /me Tip of the spear in the giant dragon's eye
47 The Dravanian Forelands (x23.4,y39.4,z0.2) /lookout On the side of the mountain. Climb up from the river.
48 The Dravanian Forelands (x24.2,y18.8,z1.2) /lookout On a wooden stake sticking out of the mountain
49 The Dravanian Forelands (x34.3,y15.8,z1.3) /lookout On the broken wall
50 The Dravanian Forelands (x18.6,y32.6,z0.7) /lookout On top of the arch
51 The Churning Mists (x33.8,y32.4,z2.6) /pray Up on a floating island
52 The Churning Mists (x37.3,y14.4,z2.8) /lookout On a small floating island
53 The Churning Mists (x14.7,y25.0,z1.9) /lookout On a small floating island
54 The Sea of Clouds (x06,y6) /lookout
55 The Sea of Clouds (x26.7,y6.9,z2.2) /lookout At the root of the tree
56 The Sea of Clouds (x09.9,y28.7,z0.7) /lookout At the root of the tree
57 The Dravanian Hinterlands (x12.2,y13.0,z1.1) /lookout At the west entrance to Idyllshire
58 The Dravanian Hinterlands (x19.7,y38.1,z1.4) /lookout On the broken column. Jump down from the cliff to reach it.
59 The Dravanian Hinterlands (x30.4,y31.3,z1.6) /lookout On a cliff edge
60 Azys Lla (x10,y14.8,z4.3) /lookout Inside the building
61 Azys Lla (x35.6,y6.4,z5.5) /lookout On a root in the hole. You must fall down onto one of the higher roots from the cliff.
62 Azys Lla (x25.9,y28.6, z6.0) /lookout On part of the broken wall. You must land on top of the wall and then fall down.

A Realm Reborn Locations/Vistas

  • In patch 2.3, Vistas that require Fair or Clear weather conditions can now be fulfilled when either condition is present. Patch Notes
# Name Zone Coordinate Weather Time Emote Comment
1 Barracuda Piers Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x9.5,y7.8) Fair
8AM-12PM /Lookout Located northwest out of The Bismark, there are two sets of bricks set into the wall there. The western set of bricks is the Vista location.
2 The Astalicia Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x7,y15) Fair
6PM-5AM /Lookout Climb to the top of The Astalicia (the ship there), and go east towards the bow of the ship. Climb the pole extending from the ship and go to the very tip.
3 Seasong Grotto Middle La Noscea (x20.3,y19.1) Rain 5AM-8AM /Pray In the Seasong Grotto, by the entrance.
4 The Skylift Middle La Noscea (x16.0,y17.3) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout By the Skylift, overlooking the pier.
5 La Thagran Eastroad Middle La Noscea (x25.3,y27.5) Clouds 8AM-12PM /Lookout Looking at the gate into Lower La Noscea, go up the stairs on the right hand side and jump up onto the left hand side of the fence.
6 The Salt Strand Lower La Noscea (x23,y40) Fair
6PM-5AM /Lookout Jump on the rock near the cliff west of the farmer's house.
7 Red Rooster Stead Lower La Noscea (x33,y19) Fog 5AM-8AM /Lookout Jump on the top of the portal that leads to The Mist.
8 Brewer's Beacon Western La Noscea (x29,y30) Fair
5AM-8AM /Lookout Go behind the lighthouse on the left side. The vista is located where the wooden barrier and the lighthouse's wall meet.
9 The Leatherworkers' Guild Old Gridania (x12.8,y7.8) Clouds 12PM-5PM /Lookout From inside the guild you go up the steps in the back, jump on the table against the right wall, jump again to get onto the higher shelf. Face the room and use /lookout.
10 Apkallu Falls Old Gridania (x10,y6) Fair
6PM-5AM /Lookout Near Apkallu Falls, there are 3 lamp posts. You have to climb onto the cliff on the southeast and from there use sprint and jump onto the top of the lamp post closest to the waterfall.
11 Bentbranch Meadows Central Shroud (x21.8,y21.8) Fair
12PM-5PM /Sit The Vista is right next to the Aetheryte. There are three stumps across the Moogle mail carrier. A woman is sitting on the first one. Hop up onto the third one to reach the Vista.
12 The Sanctum of the Twelve East Shroud (x17.6,y18.2) Fair
8AM-12PM /Pray At the entrance to the chamber to the garden around the Sanctum of the Twelve.
13 Little Solace East Shroud (x22,y26) Fair
6PM-5AM /Lookout Just behind the Sylphs, on top of a tree branch by the quest giving NPCs. You can use a mount and baskets to reach there.
14 Royal Promenade Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x11,y11) Fair
5AM-8AM /Salute There are three silver squares in front of the Royal Promenade (players can get there from the Alchemist Guild's Aetheryte Shard). The Vista is on the tip of the triangle. Face the stairs and guards then use /salute.
15 The Gold Court Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x11,y11) Clouds 12PM-5PM /Lookout Jump down from hustings strip balcony onto the eastern most lamp.
16 The Jewel of the Desert Western Thanalan (x22.3,y22.3) Fair
6PM-5AM /Lookout Use your mount and jump from the boulder to the awning (the cloth roof) at the beginning of the staircase.
17 The Ruins of Sil'dih Central Thanalan (x15.9,y22.9) Fog 8AM-12PM /Lookout About half way down the cliff, where the cliff meets the creek.
18 The Lonely Giant Eastern Thanalan (x19,y24) Rain
5PM-6PM /Comfort It is located under the base of the tree clump across from the Goobbue.
19 The Invisible City Eastern Thanalan (x14,y18) Clouds 8AM-12PM /Lookout At the tip of the ruin/roof that overlooks the area.
20 Highbridge Eastern Thanalan (x21.0,y20.7) Fair
5AM-8AM /Pray The Vista is on the small platform that sticks out from underneath the bridge. It is closest to the NPC located in the carved area on the side of the canyon.
21 Woad Whisper Canyon Middle La Noscea (x20.0,y13.1) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout Edge of the path, before you pass under the rocky archways.
22 Summerford Farms Middle La Noscea (x25.7,y17) Fair
5AM-8AM /Lookout Second floor of Inn. Top of lamp to left of door. Jump on pot plant, then to partition, then to top of lamp.
23 The Grey Fleet Lower La Noscea (x31.5,y12.7) Rain 12PM-5PM /Lookout On top of the house of sticks. Use the rocks behind the house to get onto the roof.
24 Hidden Falls Eastern La Noscea (x32.6,y23.5) Fair
8AM-12PM /Sit /sit on chair at end of dock.
25 Gullperch Tower Eastern La Noscea (x29.6,y33.8) Rain 6PM-5AM /Lookout On top of Gullperch Tower. Located on the edge of the wall to the left of the two lookout NPCs.
26 The Navigator Western La Noscea (x26.9,y26.6) Fair
5PM-6PM /Pray To the left hand side along the railing (if lookout out towards the sea).
27 The Ship Graveyard Western La Noscea (x17.1,y36.2) Gale 6PM-5AM /Lookout Bottom SE corner of Isle of Umbral. Stand on top of the pot in the sand.
28 Camp Skull Valley Western La Noscea (x22.8,y22.4) Fair
8AM-12PM /Lookout On top of the front-right spike (if facing) of the tents on the top of the fort. Jump on canvas roof then on spike.
29 Tidegate Western La Noscea (x19.4,y23.0) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout On the top of the center pole on the round tent (just after three tents). Jump onto the smaller pole then BACKWARDS HOP onto the higher bit. From there sprint jump to the top/middle pole.
30 Camp Bronze Lake Upper La Noscea (x30.8,y22.4) Fair
5PM-6PM /Lookout Go to the side of the house and jump up on the barrels between the two awnings (jump at the barrels head on, not from the side). Jump up onto the right awning and then onto the rocky ledge. Walk along the edge and jump onto the small part of the roof that juts out. The vista is on the highest point at the front of the house.
31 Thalaos Upper La Noscea (x12.9,y22.0) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout Very tip of biggest bone/spire. Base of spire starts in (x13,y21). Vista log message did not appear until correct time.
32 Jijiroon's Trading Post Upper La Noscea (x29,y25) Thunderstorm 6PM-5AM /Lookout Climb a wall and jump over to the next ruin.
33 The Floating City of Nym Outer La Noscea (x12,y15) Fair
6PM-5AM /Lookout Cliff overlooking Nym.
34 Camp Overlook Outer La Noscea (x17,y16) Clouds 5AM-8AM /Lookout Crumbling arch. Jump over gap and hop up on highest part.
35 U'Ghamaro Mines Outer La Noscea (x23,y11) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout On top of the high furnace. Jump from the smaller one to the bigger one. There's a smokestack sticking out of the small one that kind of looks like the exhaust stack on a semi-truck/tractor trailer. If you try to run forward towards the big one, it blocks you. So jump on top of it, and then jump across to the big one.
36 The Hermit's Hovel Outer La Noscea (x15,y9) Rain 6PM-5AM /Sit Inside the house jump on the table -> bookshelf -> area with bed and table. stand on the stool and then /sit.
37 The Carline Canopy New Gridania (x14,y14) Fair
8AM-12PM /Lookout Blue Badger Gate on the left gate (facing the exit). Jump on railing from stairs. From there sprint jump to door. Then jump from door to door.
38 The Lancer's Guild Old Gridania (x14.2,y5.9) Rain 5AM-8AM /Lookout Jump on bookshelf then onto weapons to make your way to the corner.
39 The Bannock Central Shroud (x23.4,y19.9) Rain 5AM-8AM /Lookout Jump onto the canvas above the commander's heads by first jumping up and along the tree. The vista is on top of the wooden arch.
40 Haukke Manor Central Shroud (x13,y23) Fair
6PM-5AM /Lookout Climb onto the roots from left side just walk up. Hop onto top. Root are coming off of cliff into a small pond with a view of the mansion.
41 The Guardian Tree Central Shroud (x16,y22) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout On tree bridge.
42 Rainbow Bridge Central Shroud (x26.5,y18.8) Fair
11AM-1PM /Lookout On top and center of waterfall side of railing on bridge.
43 The Seedbed East Shroud (x20,y10) Thunder 6PM-5AM /Lookout Right in front of giant glowing mushroom.
44 Buscarron's Druthers South Shroud (x17.8,y20.1) Thunderstorm 8AM-12PM /Lookout On balcony from main bar. Get there by jumping from wall to side roof.
45 South Shroud Landing South Shroud (x14.7,y33.9) Fair
8AM-12PM /Lookout On the windowsill beside the "hut".
46 Urth's Gift South Shroud (x33.3,y23.9) Fog 12PM-5PM /Lookout At the rock wall.
47 Quarrymill South Shroud (x25,y21) Fair
5AM-8AM /Lookout On top of chimney on house farthest from Aetheryte (shaped like a mushroom). Jump from balcony.
48 Ixali Logging Grounds North Shroud (x18,y19) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout The log-pile at the back of the area. Jump from the northernmost upright to the middle upright on chocobo.
49 Fallen Neurolink North Shroud (x16,y31) Fair
6PM-5AM /Lookout Near edge of cliff looking at giant arc.
50 Alder Springs North Shroud (x15.4,y27.2) Clouds 8AM-12PM /Lookout Drop down from above. Start at stump of tree that broke off near edge of cliff and fall down directly below to another root/branch extending out. Take left fork twice. Go SLOW!
51 Castrum Marinum Western Thanalan (x8,y5) Fair
5PM-6PM /Lookout On the lamp.
52 Vesper Bay Western Thanalan (x12.4,y14.8) Fair
12PM-5PM /Point Top of the building.
53 Black Brush Station Central Thanalan (x21,y17) Dust Storm 6PM-5AM /Lookout Jump from the top of the building to the lamp post on the left hand side.
54 Gate of Nald Central Thanalan (x18.5,y26.1) Fair
12PM-5PM /Sit On top of a canvas.
55 The Burning Wall Eastern Thanalan (x30.7,y26.5) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout On top of the small crystal, drop down from the ledge just above at (x30.7,y26.7).
56 The Golden Bazaar Eastern Thanalan (x10.,y16.7) Fair
8AM-12PM /Lookout On top of the small wooden gate building, jump to fence. Use fence to jump to higher platform. Vista on top of platform above 2 NPC at the front.
57 Thal's Respite Eastern Thanalan (x25,y14) Showers 6PM-5AM /Pray In front of the statue.
58 Nald's Reflection Southern Thanalan (x12,y22) Fog 5AM-8AM /Pray In front of the statue.
59 Zahar'ak Southern Thanalan (x19.3,y20.5) Fair
5AM-8AM /Lookout On top of the stone column. Jump with mount.
60 The Sagolii Desert Southern Thanalan (x21.3,y38.6) Heatwave 12PM-5PM /Lookout On top of large mound next to tower ruin on ground.
61 The Sunken Temple of Qarn Southern Thanalan (x23.8,y11.8) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout Use rocks to jump up on to the sloped building.
62 Minotaur Malm Southern Thanalan (x14.6,y26.5) Heatwave 5AM-8AM /Psych Stand beside the drill sergeant near the exercising recruits.
63 East Watchtower Northern Thanalan (x22.2,y25.7) Fair
5AM-8AM /Salute /salute on top of the tower, on the flagpole.
64 Ceruleum Pipeline Northern Thanalan (x20,y29) Fair
6PM-5AM /Lookout On top of the gate, north side.
65 Bluefog Northern Thanalan (x20.8,y22.5) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout On the fence.
66 Raubahn's Push Northern Thanalan (x20.0,y17.6) Clouds 8AM-12PM /Lookout On one of the southwestern spires.
67 Abandoned Amajina Mythril Mine Northern Thanalan (x26,y22) Fog 6PM-5AM /Lookout On a little ledge attached to a broken pillar near stairs. Very tricky jump! Use sprint or mount from roof to ledge. Stand on broken gap in railing when you jump.
68 The Nail Coerthas Central Highlands (x25.4,y29.8) Fair
5PM-6PM /Lookout Jump onto a lamp and from there to the ladder in the center.
69 The Observatorium Coerthas Central Highlands (x25,y29) Fog 6PM-5AM /Lookout Take a couple of steps down from the first floor and walk/fall off into the center of the tower, landing on the highest chandelier.
70 The Frozen Fang Coerthas Central Highlands (x11.7,y15.8) Blizzard 8AM-12PM /Lookout Go out onto the bridge towards the Stone Vigil. At the end of the bridge turn right and walk along the small ledge that sticks out until you're at the middle of the semi-circle part of the bridge.
71 The Holy See of Ishgard Coerthas Central Highlands (x12.8,y17.3) Fair
5AM-8AM /Lookout Way up on the tower, use the wooden stairs to get all the way up.
72 Boulder Downs Coerthas Central Highlands (x7,y28) Fair
5PM-6PM /Lookout Top of monument tower next to NPC.
73 The Fury's Gaze Coerthas Central Highlands (x7.9,y31.3) Blizzard 6PM-5AM /Lookout Inside the cave before you reach the plasmoids.
74 Snowcloak Coerthas Central Highlands (x2.2,y21.4) Fair
8AM-12PM /Lookout Climb up to the highest ledge.
75 Camp Dragonhead Coerthas Central Highlands (x26.5,y17.7) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout Climb up to the eastern battlements and head south to draw parallel to the green-roofed building. Jump up onto a higher crenelation that's in line with a buttress opposite and sprint one step and jump over to the building.
76 The Steel Vigil Coerthas Central Highlands (x28.2,y10.3) Fair
5AM-8AM /Lookout Up above on the ruins, requires immense jumping skills.
77 Castrum Centri Mor Dhona (x9.8,y13.5) Gloom 12PM-5PM /Lookout On top of red light just past four cylinders. Jump up onto the smaller ledge and then onto the ledge leading towards the light.
78 The Crystal Tower Mor Dhona (x27.4,y8.0) Fair
6PM-5AM /Lookout Follow path that curves to the left to go to the upper level. Vista is near a tree by the edge.
79 Rathefrost Mor Dhona (x18.6,y17.7) Fair
12PM-5PM /Lookout On top of rock near crystal tree.
80 The Keeper of the Lake Mor Dhona (x26.1,y11.2) Fair
5PM-6PM /Sit /sit on top of tree. To get there you must jump from the large broken red metallic wreckage. To get up there start on the opposite side (as the tree) near a smaller red metallic wreckage. Walk up and jump on small metal rib. From there jump onto back of Big broken red metallic hull.


By completing A Realm Reborn's 80 Sightseeing Log entries, the player will receive the achievement Out of Sight Out of Mind and receive the minion Fledgling Apkallu.

By completing Heavensward's Sightseeing Log entries 1-42, the player will receive the achievement Out of Sight Out of Bounds I.

By completing Heavensward's Sightseeing Log entries 43-62, the player will receive the achievement Out of Sight Out of Bounds II and receive the title "Veteran Explorer".

By completing Shadowbringer's Sightseeing Log entries 1-45, the player will receive the achievement Darksighters I.

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