Merchant and Mender (North Tidegate)

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Merchant & Mender

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Merchant & Mender
Male ♂
Roegadyn (Sea Wolves)
Western La Noscea (21.8,20.1)
Limsa Lominsa

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
Western La Noscea (x21.8,y20.1)

Items For Sale

Purchase Weapons

Item Icon Price
Cobalt Shamshir Cobalt shamshir icon1.png 6,577
Buccaneer's Bardiche Buccaneers bardiche icon1.png 9,504
Cobalt Claymore Cobalt claymore icon1.png 9,322
Cobalt Trident Cobalt trident icon1.png 9,866
Peisteskin Cesti Peisteskin cesti icon1.png 7,537
Mythril Pugiones Mythril pugiones icon1.png 5,544
Yew Longbow Yew longbow icon1.png 8,907
Cobalt-barreled Carbine Cobalt-barreled carbine icon1.png 8,580
Electrum Scepter Electrum scepter icon1.png 5,737
Black Horn Staff Black horn staff icon1.png 8,252
Book of Electrum Book of electrum icon1.png 8,844
Wand of Flames Wand of flames icon1.png 5,892
Jade Crook Jade crook icon1.png 8,184
Electrum Star Globe Electrum star globe icon1.png 8,382
Eagle-crested Round Shield Eagle-crested round shield icon1.png 6,336
Cobalt Scutum Cobalt scutum icon1.png 9,522
Raptorskin Targe Raptorskin targe icon1.png 5,277

Purchase Tools

Item Icon Price
Mythril Chocobotail Saw Mythril chocobotail saw icon1.png 5,981
Mythril Claw Hammer Mythril claw hammer icon1.png 4,639
Cobalt Cross-pein Hammer Cobalt cross-pein hammer icon1.png 5,737
Mythril File Mythril file icon1.png 4,516
Cobalt Doming Hammer Cobalt doming hammer icon1.png 5,859
Mythril Pliers Mythril pliers icon1.png 4,394
Mythril Lapidary Hammer Mythril lapidary hammer icon1.png 5,737
Garnet Grinding Wheel Garnet grinding wheel icon1.png 5,127
Mythril Round Knife Mythril round knife icon1.png 5,615
Mythril Awl Mythril awl icon1.png 4,394
Thousand Needle Thousand needle icon1.png 4,028
Mahogany Spinning Wheel Mahogany spinning wheel icon1.png 4,752
Electrum Alembic Electrum alembic icon1.png 5,249
Mythril Mortar Mythril mortar icon1.png 5,005
Cobalt Skillet Cobalt skillet icon1.png 5,586
Mythril Culinary Knife Mythril culinary knife icon1.png 4,639
Cobalt Dolabra Cobalt dolabra icon1.png 5,737
Mythril Sledgehammer Mythril sledgehammer icon1.png 4,516
Cobalt Hatchet Cobalt hatchet icon1.png 5,840
Mythril Scythe Mythril scythe icon1.png 4,639
Mahogany Fishing Rod Mahogany fishing rod icon1.png 5,292

Purchase Battle Gear

Item Icon Price
Felt Coif Felt coif icon1.png 4,158
Reinforced Mythril Elmo Reinforced mythril elmo icon1.png 5,998
Ranger's Hat Rangers hat icon1.png 4,806
Mythril Chain Coif Mythril chain coif icon1.png 5,768
Tortoiseshell Scale Mail Tortoiseshell scale mail icon1.png 8,016
Woolen Bliaud Woolen bliaud icon1.png 6,189
Ranger's Tunic Rangers tunic icon1.png 5,951
Boarskin Ringbands of Flames Boarskin ringbands of flames icon1.png 5,344
Fingerless Raptorskin Gloves Fingerless raptorskin gloves icon1.png 4,620
High Mythril Gauntlets High mythril gauntlets icon1.png 6,221
Peisteskin Belt Peisteskin belt icon1.png 3,426
Raptorskin Satchel Belt Raptorskin satchel belt icon1.png 3,300
High Mythril Plate Belt High mythril plate belt icon1.png 4,443
Woolen Trousers Woolen trousers icon1.png 4,761
Woolen Gaskins Woolen gaskins icon1.png 3,808
High Mythril Flanchard High mythril flanchard icon1.png 9,522
Cobalt-plated Jackboots Cobalt-plated jackboots icon1.png 5,481
Tortoiseshell Scale Greaves Tortoiseshell scale greaves icon1.png 6,577
Woolen Dress Shoes Woolen dress shoes icon1.png 4,062

Purchase Field Gear

Item Icon Price
Felt Coif of Gathering Felt coif of gathering icon1.png 4,158
Cobalt Preserves Cobalt preserves icon1.png 4,554
Woolen Smock Woolen smock icon1.png 5,344
Woolen Doublet Woolen doublet icon1.png 6,680
Raptorskin Smithy's Gloves Raptorskin smithys gloves icon1.png 4,796
Fingerless Raptorskin Gloves of Gathering Fingerless raptorskin gloves of gathering icon1.png 4,620
Raptorskin Artisan's Belt Raptorskin artisans belt icon1.png 3,426
Boarskin Survival Belt Boarskin survival belt icon1.png 3,052
Woolen Slops Woolen slops icon1.png 4,111
Boarskin Culottes Boarskin culottes icon1.png 4,578
Raptorskin Thighboots Raptorskin thighboots icon1.png 5,481
Boarskin Workboots Boarskin workboots icon1.png 4,883

Purchase Items

Item Icon Price
Northern Krill Northern krill icon1.png 11
Glowworm Glowworm icon1.png 10
Krill Cage Feeder Krill cage feeder icon1.png 9


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