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Though one in four parts of Quarterstone's soil is rock, granaries and golden wheat were once abundant thanks in part to the tireless toiling of its former residents. Now the farmland is overgrown and wild, as the fields have stood stagnant since the farrmers fled to Limsa Lominsa with the coming of the Calamity.

— In-game description

Quarterstone is a area in Western La Noscea.


Landmark (map icon).png
The Flock

The wheat grew tall here, but for want of farmers the fields have been left fallow for five years. At present, the area has been reclaimed by a flock of feral dodos.

Landmark (map icon).png
The Brewer's Beacon

This relatively new lighthouse was built soon after the Calamity claimed Swiftperch Tower to ensure safe passage for trade vessels carrying shipments of dark stouts and blonde barleywines out of Aleport. In addition, the candlekeeps also maintain watch for increasingly frequent rogue tidal waves caused by the stirrings of the Lord of the Whorl.