Novv's Nursery

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Novv's Nursery


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Novv's Nursery

At this small beastman settlement, Clutchfather Novv raised his spawnlings alongside his unusually hospitable clutch.

— In-game description

Novv's Nursery is a landmark in Halfstone, Western La Noscea.

Additional Information

Novv's Nursery is a Sahagin settlement in the northern part of Western La Noscea. There, Clutchfather Novv watches over his children. He desires only to raise his clutch in peace, not to be at war with the nearby "finless ones" like their fanatic brethren in The Coral Tridents. To that end, he would have the player help in their never-ending conflict to bring peace to the nursery.

Here, members of Novv's clutch will give the player Sahagin Daily Quests. These are unlocked upon completion of the quest Feature QuestThey Came from the Deep.