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The island of Vylbrand is part of the region of Eorzea. It lies off the western coast of Aldenard and is home to the city-state of Limsa Lominsa, which is located on the island's southwestern coast. Vylbrand is bordered by the Rhotano Sea to the south, the Indigo Deep to the northwest, and the Strait of Merlthor to the east. Several smaller islands are connected to the main island by brilliant ivory bridges.

— In-game description

Vylbrand is a landmass in Hydaelyn. The main area on the island is known as La Noscea, including the regional city-state capital of Limsa Lominsa.


La Noscea

La Noscea is a region with a variety of biomes, from tropical jungles and plains to bogs and volcanoes. The north of the island, known as Outer La Noscea, includes a volcano known as O'Ghomoro and also the former city of Nym, plus Kobold inhabitants. The Garlean Empire has established a presence on the island at Castrum Occidens near the redeveloped resort town of Costa del Sol in the East. The Sahagin occupy an area in the West.

Limsa Lominsa (sometimes simply referred to as "Limsa") is the largest settlement in the region, which serves as a ferry transport hub to the Eastern and Western zones (Aleport and Costa del Sol). Limsa is connected by ferries to the region of Thanalan, on the larger continent of Aldenard. Finally, Limsa has land bridges to the central plains of Middle La Noscea and the south or Lower La Noscea, which contains a major shipyard.

The High Seas

Ocean Fishing

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