List of blue mage quests

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This is a list of Blue Mage quests.

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Out of the Blue Job quest 50 Zealous Yellowjacket Blue Mage
Water Cannon.png  Water Cannon
Blue Mage (Simple) Adventurer Plate
Blue Mage (Simple) Adventurer Plate
1 Soul of the blue mage icon1.png  Soul of the Blue Mage
1 Rainmaker icon1.png  Rainmaker
1 True blue attire coffer (il 1) icon1.png  True Blue Attire Coffer (IL 1)
Blue Leading the Blue Job quest 1 Martyn
Blue Collar Work Job quest 10 Martyn
Why They Call It the Blues Job quest 20 Martyn
Scream Blue Murder Job quest 30 Martyn
Blue Gold Job quest 40 Maudlin Latool Ja
The Real Folk Blues Job quest 50 Maudlin Latool Ja 1 The spirit of the whalaqee icon1.png  The Spirit of the Whalaqee
1 Maguss attire coffer (il 130) icon1.png  Magus's Attire Coffer (IL 130)
Turning Over a Blue Leaf Job quest 50 Maudlin Latool Ja
Blue Mage - Part 1
Blue Mage - Part 1
1 Azulmagia icon1.png  Azulmagia
Into the Blue Again Job quest 50 Martyn
Something Borrowed, Something Blue Job quest 53 Martyn
Bolt from the Blue Job quest 55 Martyn
Blue in the Face Job quest 58 Martyn
Blue Scream of Death Job quest 60 Martyn
Blue Cheese Job quest 60 Martyn
Blue Mage - Part 2
Blue Mage - Part 2
1 Mask of azuro icon1.png  Mask of Azuro
Second-rate Entertainment Feature quest 60 Martyn
Everybody Was Fukumen Fighting Feature quest 63 P'yandih
Azuro and Goliath Job quest 65 Martyn
Where the Gold Goes Job quest 68 Martyn
Master of Mimicry Job quest 70 Martyn 1 Mirage gear coffer (il 400) icon1.png  Mirage Gear Coffer (IL 400)
A Future in Blue Job quest 70 Martyn
Blue Mage - Part 3
Blue Mage - Part 3
1 Predatrice icon1.png  Predatrice
And the Crowd Goes Mild Feature quest 70 Martyn
The Beard, the Myth, the Legend Feature quest 73 P'yandih
Gridania's Most Wanted Feature quest 75 P'yandih
No Butts About It Feature quest 78 P'yandih
A New Gold Standard Feature quest 80 Martyn 1 Phantasmal attire coffer (il 530) icon1.png  Phantasmal Attire Coffer (IL 530)
The Brave and the Blue Feature quest 80 Martyn
Blue Mage - Part 4
Blue Mage - Part 4
1 Blue-eyes icon1.png  Blue-eyes