List of dragoon quests

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This is a list of dragoon quests.

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Eye of the Dragon Job quest 30 Ywain Dragoon
Jump.png  Jump
1 Soul of the dragoon icon1.png  Soul of the Dragoon
Lance of Fury Job quest 35 Alberic Elusive Jump.png  Elusive Jump
Unfading Skies Job quest 40 Alberic Doom Spike.png  Doom Spike
Double Dragoon Job quest 45 Alberic 1 Drachen armet icon1.png  Drachen Armet
1 Drachen gauntlets icon1.png  Drachen Gauntlets
1 Drachen breeches icon1.png  Drachen Breeches
1 Drachen greaves icon1.png  Drachen Greaves
Fatal Seduction Job quest 45 Alberic Spineshatter Dive.png  Spineshatter Dive
Into the Dragon's Maw Job quest 50 Alberic Dragonfire Dive.png  Dragonfire Dive
Dragoon age i icon1.png  Dragoon Age I
1 Drachen mail icon1.png  Drachen Mail
1 Wyrms armor coffer (il 90) icon1.png  Wyrm's Armor Coffer (IL 90)
Sky's the Limit Job quest 50 Alberic
Days of Azure Job quest 52 Alberic Battle Litany.png  Battle Litany
Heart of Justice Job quest 52 Heustienne
Sworn Upon a Lance Job quest 54 Alberic Blood of the Dragon trait.png  Blood of the Dragon
Dragoon's Errand Job quest 56 Alberic Fang and Claw.png  Fang and Claw
Sanguine Dragoon Job quest 58 Alberic Wheeling Thrust.png  Wheeling Thrust
Dragoon's Fate Job quest 60 Alberic Geirskogul.png  Geirskogul
Dragoon age ii icon1.png  Dragoon Age II
1 Dragonlancers armor coffer (il 210) icon1.png  Dragonlancer's Armor Coffer (IL 210)
Friends Through Eternity Job quest 60 Alberic
Drowsy Dragons Job quest 63 Alberic
Serpent and the Sea of Rubies Job quest 65 Alberic
Dark as the Night Sky Job quest 68 Orn Khai
Dragon Sound Job quest 70 Orn Khai Nastrond.png  Nastrond
Life of the Dragon.png  Life of the Dragon
Dragoon age iii icon1.png  Dragoon Age III
1 Trueblood attire coffer (il 290) icon1.png  Trueblood Attire Coffer (IL 290)
Gone but Not Forgiven Sidequest 80 Alberic Dragoon age iv icon1.png  Dragoon Age IV 1 Heavens eye materia vii icon1.png  Heavens' Eye Materia VII
1 Savage aim materia vii icon1.png  Savage Aim Materia VII
1 Savage might materia vii icon1.png  Savage Might Materia VII

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