List of monk quests

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This is a list of monk quests.

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Brother from Another Mother Job quest 30 Gagaruna Monk
Rockbreaker.png  Rockbreaker
1 Soul of the monk icon1.png  Soul of the Monk
Insulted Intelligence Job quest 35 Erik Thunderclap.png  Thunderclap
A Slave to the Aether Job quest 40 Erik Howling Fist.png  Howling Fist
The Pursuit of Power Job quest 45 Erik Four-point Fury.png  Four-point Fury
Good Vibrations Job quest 45 Erik 1 Temple circlet icon1.png  Temple Circlet
1 Temple gloves icon1.png  Temple Gloves
1 Temple gaskins icon1.png  Temple Gaskins
1 Temple boots icon1.png  Temple Boots
Five Easy Pieces Job quest 50 Erik Bulletproof i icon1.png  Bulletproof I
Perfect Balance.png  Perfect Balance
1 Temple cyclas icon1.png  Temple Cyclas
1 Melee attire coffer (il 90) icon1.png  Melee Attire Coffer (IL 90)
The Legend Continues Job quest 50 Erik
Let's Talk about Sects Job quest 52 Widargelt Form Shift.png  Form Shift
Against the Shadow Job quest 54 Widargelt Steel Peak Mastery.png  Steel Peak Mastery
The Forbidden Chakra.png  The Forbidden Chakra
Fight the Battle to Win Job quest 56 Widargelt
Stop the Senseless Killing Job quest 58 Widargelt
Appetite for Destruction Job quest 60 Widargelt Enhanced Perfect Balance.png  Enhanced Perfect Balance
Masterful Blitz.png  Masterful Blitz
Bulletproof ii icon1.png  Bulletproof II
1 Tantra armor coffer (il 210) icon1.png  Tantra Armor Coffer (IL 210)
A Fistful of Resolve Job quest 60 Erik
Return of the Monk Job quest 63 Widargelt
Cross-fist Training Job quest 65 Widargelt
Choices and Paths Job quest 68 Widargelt
The Power to Protect Job quest 70 Widargelt Brotherhood.png  Brotherhood
Bulletproof iii icon1.png  Bulletproof III
1 Pacifists attire coffer (il 290) icon1.png  Pacifist's Attire Coffer (IL 290)
A Monk's Legacy Sidequest 80 Erik Bulletproof iv icon1.png  Bulletproof IV 1 Heavens eye materia vii icon1.png  Heavens' Eye Materia VII
1 Savage aim materia vii icon1.png  Savage Aim Materia VII
1 Savage might materia vii icon1.png  Savage Might Materia VII

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