List of reaper quests

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This is a list of Reaper quests.

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
The Killer Instinct Job quest 70 Flustered Attendant Reaper
Reaper (Simple) Adventurer Plate
Reaper (Simple) Adventurer Plate
1 Soul of the reaper icon1.png  Soul of the Reaper
1 Deepgold war scythe icon1.png  Deepgold War Scythe
1 Muzhik attire coffer (il 385) icon1.png  Muzhik Attire Coffer (IL 385)
The Harvest Begins Feature quest 70 Drusilla
On the Hunt Feature quest 73 Drusilla
Dark Days Feature quest 75 Drusilla
Thicker than Blood Feature quest 78 Drusilla
The Killing Art Feature quest 80 Hermin Enshroud.png  Enshroud
Shroud Gauge.png  Shroud Gauge
Manes exite paterni icon1.png  Manes Exite Paterni
Reaper (New Game+)
Reaper (New Game+)