List of scholar quests

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This is a list of scholar quests.

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Forgotten but Not Gone Job quest 30 Murie Scholar
Adloquium.png  Adloquium
Scholar (Simple) Adventurer Plate
Scholar (Simple) Adventurer Plate
1 Soul of the scholar icon1.png  Soul of the Scholar
A Faerie Tale Come True Feature quest 30 Thubyrgeim Egi Glamours
The Last Remnants Job quest 35 Alka Zolka Succor.png  Succor
The Consequences of Anger Job quest 40 Alka Zolka
In the Image of the Ancients Job quest 45 Alka Zolka 1 Scholars mortarboard icon1.png  Scholar's Mortarboard
1 Scholars gloves icon1.png  Scholar's Gloves
1 Scholars culottes icon1.png  Scholar's Culottes
1 Scholars boots icon1.png  Scholar's Boots
For Your Fellow Man Job quest 45 Alka Zolka Lustrate.png  Lustrate
The Beast Within Job quest 50 Alka Zolka Sacred Soil.png  Sacred Soil
Flying colors i icon1.png  Flying Colors I
Scholar - Part 1
Scholar - Part 1
1 Scholars gown icon1.png  Scholar's Gown
1 Argute attire coffer (il 90) icon1.png  Argute Attire Coffer (IL 90)
The Green Death Job quest 50 Alka Zolka
Quarantine Job quest 52 Surito Carito Indomitability.png  Indomitability
False Friends Job quest 54 Surito Carito Broil.png  Broil
Broil Mastery.png  Broil Mastery
Ooh Rah Job quest 56 Surito Carito Deployment Tactics.png  Deployment Tactics
Unseen Job quest 58 Surito Carito Emergency Tactics.png  Emergency Tactics
Forward, Royal Marines Job quest 60 Surito Carito Dissipation.png  Dissipation
Flying colors ii icon1.png  Flying Colors II
Scholar - Part 2
Scholar - Part 2
1 Savants attire coffer (il 210) icon1.png  Savant's Attire Coffer (IL 210)
The Vanishing Act Job quest 60 Alka Zolka
A Safe Place to Hide Job quest 63 Surito Carito
In Loving Memory Job quest 65 Alka Zolka
The Chase Job quest 68 Alka Zolka
Our Unsung Heroes Job quest 70 Alka Zolka Flying colors iii icon1.png  Flying Colors III
Aetherpact (scholar).png  Aetherpact
Scholar - Part 3
Scholar - Part 3
1 Orators attire coffer (il 290) icon1.png  Orator's Attire Coffer (IL 290)
True Beauty Sidequest 80 Alka Zolka Flying colors iv icon1.png  Flying Colors IV
Scholar - Part 4
Scholar - Part 4
1 Piety materia vii icon1.png  Piety Materia VII
1 Savage aim materia vii icon1.png  Savage Aim Materia VII
1 Savage might materia vii icon1.png  Savage Might Materia VII

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