List of ninja quests

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This is a list of Ninja quests.

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night Job quest 30 Jacke Ninja
Ten.png  Ten
1 Soul of the ninja icon1.png  Soul of the Ninja
My First Mudra Class quest 30 Oboro
Killer Combinations Class quest 35 Tsubame Chi.png  Chi
Once Upon a Time in Doma Job quest 35 Oboro
Pirates versus Ninjas Class quest 40 Oboro Shukuchi.png  Shukuchi
Ninja Bathin' Job quest 40 Oboro
Tough Guys Class quest 45 Oboro Jin.png  Jin 1 Ninja hatsuburi icon1.png  Ninja Hatsuburi
1 Ninja tekko icon1.png  Ninja Tekko
1 Ninja hakama icon1.png  Ninja Hakama
1 Ninja kyahan icon1.png  Ninja Kyahan
The Crow Knows Class quest 45 Oboro
Master and Student Job quest 50 Oboro Kassatsu.png  Kassatsu
Against the ninja i icon1.png  Against the Ninja I
1 Ninja chainmail icon1.png  Ninja Chainmail
1 Koga garb coffer (il 90) icon1.png  Koga Garb Coffer (IL 90)
Strangers in a Strange Land Job quest 50 Oboro
The Impossible Girl Job quest 52 Oboro Hakke Mujinsatsu.png  Hakke Mujinsatsu
Ninja Assassin Job quest 54 Oboro Armor Crush.png  Armor Crush
Medieval Espionage Job quest 56 Oboro Dream Within a Dream.png  Dream Within a Dream
Adept Assassination.png  Adept Assassination
Staying Alive Class quest 58 Oboro
In Her Defense Class quest 60 Oboro Against the ninja ii icon1.png  Against the Ninja II
Huraijin.png  Huraijin
1 Iga garb coffer (il 210) icon1.png  Iga Garb Coffer (IL 210)
Search for the Stolen Scroll Job quest 60 Oboro
Ninja Bathin' Redux Job quest 63 Yomei
A Game of Life and Death Job quest 65 Oboro
True Enlightenment Job quest 68 Jacke
When Clans Collide Job quest 70 Oboro Ten Chi Jin.png  Ten Chi Jin
Against the ninja iii icon1.png  Against the Ninja III
1 Kage-kakushi attire coffer (il 290) icon1.png  Kage-kakushi Attire Coffer (IL 290)
Oboro's Big Idea Sidequest 80 Oboro Against the ninja iv icon1.png  Against the Ninja IV 1 Heavens eye materia vii icon1.png  Heavens' Eye Materia VII
1 Savage aim materia vii icon1.png  Savage Aim Materia VII
1 Savage might materia vii icon1.png  Savage Might Materia VII

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