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Jobs are an extension of their base classes, and require a Soul Crystal to activate. A job is a strict upgrade, and there is no reason to remain playing a base class once the job is available.

Each job acquires additional role-specific actions based on the job's role in group content (Tank, DPS, or Healer). A job's role is very important, because most duties have role requirements:

  • Dungeons (4-player) require 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 DPS.
  • Trials and raids (8-player) require 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 4 DPS. At casual difficulties, subroles don't matter, but at Savage level it is recommended to have at least one of each subrole: 1 pure healer, 1 barrier healer, 1 melee DPS, 1 ranged physical DPS, 1 ranged magical DPS.
  • Alliance raids (24-player) require 1 tank, 2 healers, and 5 DPS for each of the 3 parties.

Originally, a secondary class was required to unlock each job. With the release of Stormblood, this is no longer required. Each class can advance to its corresponding job at level 30 regardless of the levels of your other classes. Advancing from a class to a job requires you to finish your level 30 class quests as well as the main story quest Sylph-management.

Jobs added with expansions do not have a base class and receive their Soul Crystal as soon as they are unlocked. They also start out at higher base levels.

Jobs are not mutually exclusive. Given enough time, you can level all classes and jobs on a single character.

Job chart

This list includes all jobs with their base (level 1-30) classes.

Base Class Job Role Starting
Prerequisites Starting
A Realm Reborn
Gladiator frame icon.png Gladiator Paladin frame icon.png Paladin Tank Uldah Flag.png Ul'dah None 1 Swords and Shields
Marauder frame icon.png Marauder Warrior frame icon.png Warrior Tank Limsa Lominsa Flag.png Limsa Lominsa None 1 Greataxes
Pugilist frame icon.png Pugilist Monk frame icon.png Monk Melee DPS Uldah Flag.png Ul'dah None 1 Fist Weapons
Lancer frame icon.png Lancer Dragoon frame icon.png Dragoon Melee DPS Gridania Flag.png Gridania None 1 Polearms
Rogue frame icon.png Rogue Ninja frame icon.png Ninja Melee DPS Limsa Lominsa Flag.png Limsa Lominsa None [1] 1 Daggers
Archer frame icon.png Archer Bard frame icon.png Bard Ranged Physical DPS Gridania Flag.png Gridania None 1 Bows
Thaumaturge frame icon.png Thaumaturge Black Mage frame icon.png Black Mage Ranged Magical DPS Uldah Flag.png Ul'dah None 1 Scepters and Staves
Arcanist frame icon.png Arcanist [2] Summoner frame icon.png Summoner Ranged Magical DPS Limsa Lominsa Flag.png Limsa Lominsa None 1 Books
Arcanist frame icon.png Arcanist [2] Scholar frame icon.png Scholar Barrier Healer Limsa Lominsa Flag.png Limsa Lominsa None 1 Books
Conjurer frame icon.png Conjurer White Mage frame icon.png White Mage Pure Healer Gridania Flag.png Gridania None 1 Wands and Canes
None Blue Mage frame icon.png Blue Mage Limited Job
Ranged Magical DPS
Limsa Lominsa Flag.png Limsa Lominsa Level 50 1 One-Handed Canes
None Dark Knight frame icon.png Dark Knight Tank Ishgard Flag.png Ishgard Level 50
Main story [3]
30 Greatswords
None Astrologian frame icon.png Astrologian Healer Ishgard Flag.png Ishgard Level 50
Main story [3]
30 Star Globes
None Machinist frame icon.png Machinist Ranged Physical DPS Ishgard Flag.png Ishgard Level 50
Main story [3]
30 Firearms
None Samurai frame icon.png Samurai Melee DPS Uldah Flag.png Ul'dah Level 50 50 Katanas
None Red Mage frame icon.png Red Mage Ranged Magical DPS Uldah Flag.png Ul'dah Level 50 50 Rapiers
None Gunbreaker frame icon1.png Gunbreaker Tank Gridania Flag.png Gridania Level 60 60 Gunblades
None Dancer frame icon1.png Dancer Ranged Physical DPS Limsa Lominsa Flag.png Limsa Lominsa Level 60 60 Throwing Weapons
None Sage frame icon.png Sage Barrier Healer Limsa Lominsa Flag.png Limsa Lominsa Level 70 70 Nouliths
None Reaper frame icon.png Reaper Melee DPS Uldah Flag.png Ul'dah Level 70 70 Scythes

1. Although Rogue/Ninja has no specific prerequisites, it is not available as a starting class, so you must first follow the same steps as acquiring any other class: unlock class-changing (level 10) and gain access to Limsa Lominsa (level 15, unless you started there).

2. Summoner and Scholar are both based on Arcanist. That means that Summoner and Scholar share levels with each other.

3. To unlock Heavensward jobs, you must progress the main story to the end of A Realm Reborn and unlock the city of Ishgard.

Although Blue Mage frame icon.png Blue Mage was released during Stormblood, it was made available to all players regardless of whether they owned expansions, hence its position in this table.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn jobs.
Jobs have specialized abilities aimed to perform specific roles in a group setting. Jobs are at the same level as their corresponding classes and can be thought of as specialized modes of the base classes. There are ten jobs in A Realm Reborn (2.0): Warrior, Paladin, Monk, Ninja (2.4), Dragoon, Bard, White Mage, Black Mage, Summoner and Scholar. Heavensward (3.0) added three new jobs: Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist. Stormblood (4.0) further added two more jobs: Samurai and Red Mage. Shadowbringers (5.0), like Stormblood, added two new jobs: Gunbreaker and Dancer. Unlocking a job awards its Soul Crystal, which is required to change from the player's current class to a more specialized job. Each job has its own crystal which can be equipped via the Armoury Chest.

Jobs have some unique features:

  • Primary Class is the class that a job is tied to.
  • To switch to a job, equip its Soul Crystal. Returning to a base class works similarly by leaving the crystal slot empty.
  • Jobs possess all of the abilities and traits of the primary class and can select five additional actions shared among all jobs of that role.
  • Before attaining level 50, Jobs borrow most of their Traits from their primary class. However, any Traits acquired from levels 51 to 80 level are restricted to the job upon which they are received.
  • Note that while most abilities are acquired through gaining levels, some are locked behind Class and Job Quests.
  • Level is shared between job and primary class once that job is unlocked. For example, if you level a Summoner to 40, then swap over to its base class (Arcanist), the latter will also be at level 40. Both the primary class and its respective job will always be the same level, regardless of which you play as.
  • Jobs released in Heavensward (3.0) – Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist – start from level 30 and do not require base classes. Instead, they begin with a full set of abilities of their own.
  • Jobs released in Stormblood (4.0) – Samurai and Red Mage – start from level 50 and do not require base classes.
  • Jobs released in Shadowbringers (5.0) – Gunbreaker and Dancer – begin from level 60 and do not require base classes.
  • Jobs released in Endwalker (6.0) – Sage and Reaper - begin from level 70 and do not require base classes.



Paladin frame icon.png Paladin

Paladins are front-line specialists, sporting a veritable arsenal of defensive and supportive tools to protect both themselves and their allies. Paladin's also utilize MP to heal their comrades and to deal burst damage.

Warrior frame icon.png Warrior

Warriors are mighty front-liners wielding terrifying two-handed axes which are used to perform huge burst damage after filling their Beast Gauge. Unlike their tanking counterparts, Warriors forgo some mitigation abilities in exchange for a whopping health-pool and self-healing abilities.

Dark Knight frame icon.png Dark Knight

Dark Knights strive to occupy the proverbial middle-ground between Warrior and Paladin, providing the player with a balanced offering of mitigation and damage-dealing tools, complemented by their skill with two-handed greatswords.

Gunbreaker frame icon.png Gunbreaker

Gunbreakers blend solid damage, mitigation and utility into a straightforward playstyle. They possess consistent combos that generate Cartridges, which can be used to increase their damage further or to aim special abilities (such as shields or regen) at party-members.


White Mage frame icon.png White Mage

White Mage is a straightforward healing class that forgoes utility to provide immense healing output and regeneration effects to their allies. In times of need, they can also blast their enemies with devastating elemental attacks.

Scholar frame icon.png Scholar

Scholars, accompanied by their faithful healing pets, pepper allies with powerful barriers whilst debilitating enemies with their devastating damage-over-time (DoT) effects.

Astrologian frame icon.png Astrologian

Astrologians are masters of fate that provide shields and regeneration to allies in a large area, and can also use Cards to provide damage buffs to fellow party members through use of their Star Globe.

Sage frame icon.png Sage

Upcoming job: The Sage can protect the party with barriers summoned by the Nouliths.

Melee DPS

Monk frame icon.png Monk

Monks are very agile combatants that deal impressive sustained single-target damage, darting across the battlefield to annihilate foes with lightning speed using their fist-based weapons and martial techniques.

Dragoon frame icon.png Dragoon

Dragoons are famous for launching themselves across battlefields and decimating their foes using lance-based weapons, often bombarding enemies with vicious leaping attacks and positional combos.

Ninja frame icon.png Ninja

Ninjas are agile and elusive fighters that utilize ninjutsu and dual-daggers, slicing unsuspecting foes from the shadows in the blink of an eye. By using the right combination of mudras, they can also blast enemies with a variety of elemental attacks. Their ace-in-the-hole, Trick Attack, also increases the damage a target takes from all sources.

Samurai frame icon.png Samurai

The Samurai uses a two-handed katana to deal out tremendous single-target damage. Their attacks are slow, methodical and deliberate, yet extremely potent, able to carve even the most stalwart opponent into mere ribbons.

Reaper frame icon.png Reaper

Upcoming job: The Reaper fights with a scythe and channels spirits from the Void.

Physical Ranged DPS

Bard frame icon.png Bard

Bards are ranged damage dealers sporting mobility, utility, and a proc-based combat style that debilitates enemies through damage-over-time effects wrought by their bow and arrows. Through the power of song, they can also provide party-wide buffs and inspire their allies to greater feats of damage.

Machinist frame icon.png Machinist

Machinists are gun-toting tinkerers that specialize in blasting foes in rapid succession, building up their Heat gauge, which is used to fuel their abilities further. They can also deploy an automaton to assist the player in combat temporarily.

Dancer frame icon.png Dancer

The Dancer is a highly-mobile job providing damage, utility and support capabilities to those around them while slicing their enemies with their vicious throwing weapons like chakrams. Dancers can also choose a party member as their Dance Partner, causing some of their skill's effects to activate on the selected player.

Magical Ranged DPS

Black Mage frame icon.png Black Mage

Black Mages resemble the classical elemental mage, trading defense and mobility for unmatched area spells. Their unique mechanics revolve around balancing Astral Fire and Umbral Ice to mitigate MP consumption while dealing massive damage with offensive fire, ice and lightning magicks.

Summoner frame icon.png Summoner

Summoners conjure one of three battle-pets into the fray and bombard their enemies with devastating damage-over-time effects, as well as other abilities performed through their use of aetherflow. Summoner, like Red Mage, is also one of the few DPS jobs that can resurrect fallen allies in combat.

Red Mage frame icon.png Red Mage

The Red Mage is a versatile class capable of using both magic and weapon skills effectively. The class focuses on building and balancing white and black mana by casting magic, then expending them on their melee rapier skills to deal a finishing blow. In addition to dealing damage, Red Mages can learn healing magic and can even raise fallen party members.

Blue Mage frame icon.png Blue Mage

Blue Mages learn skills by copying the abilities of their defeated enemies. They have access to a wide variety of spells, which make them more and more versatile and powerful as they learn. However, their status as a Limited Job restricts their access to content.

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