Before the Dawn

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In times of trouble, there are few things more precious than unconditional support.

— In-game description




This quest must be completed before accessing the Heavensward Main Scenario Quests and areas.
Several cutscenes and the credits for A Realm Reborn will play in sequence after entering the intercessory. Make sure to set aside sufficient time (approximately 20 minutes) to view these scenes in their entirety.



  • In times of trouble, there are few things more precious than unconditional support.
  • You learn that the Dravanians renewed their assault on Ishgard in your absence, and that several wyverns broke free into the city proper. The beasts were duly slain, though not before wreaking considerable havoc, and so it comes as little surprise that your petition for asylum will not be heard until the threat to Ishgard has diminished. For the time being, Lord Haurchefant invites you and Alphinaud to join your companions in the intercessory. Speak with the knight stationed outside to gain entry, and find out who awaits you within.
  • To your surprise, you find Tataru and Yugiri waiting for you in the intercessory, the refugee leader having rescued the young receptionist from Crystal Braves in Limsa Lominsa. Together, you learn, they traveled to the Waking Sands, where Urianger cast a powerful glamour to mask the presence of those taking refuge within. This small blessing is soon tempered by the realization that, aside from you and Alphinaud, every other Scion who attended the banquet remains unaccounted for. Succumbing to a fit of melancholy, Alphinaud curses himself for being blind to the traitors in his midst, and foolishly believing that he could save the world single-handedly. Seeing this, Lord Haurchefant and Tataru remind him that all is not lost─that they still have allies to whom they can turn. With these words ringing in their ears, the remnants of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn resolve to resume their journey, and seek their step at a time.
    • ※The next main scenario quest will be available from Alphinaud once you have completed the main scenario quest “Before the Dawn.”


Accepting the Quest (Cutscene)

Haurchefant: There has been word from the capital. Ishgard has weathered another assault, and 'tis said several wyverns broke through into the city proper. 
Haurchefant: The Temple Knights succeeded in slaying the beasts, but the intrusion prompted orders to further strengthen the guard and to place the city under a perpetual state of alert. 
Haurchefant: How keenly we feel the loss of our wards at the Gates of Judgement... 
Haurchefant: Yet we must not bemoan our misfortune. Ser Aymeric is safely returned from Ul'dah and once more leads the defense of Ishgard. 
Haurchefant: As for the matter of your asylum, I am afraid no progress will be made until the threat to our nation has diminished. 
Haurchefant: But do not despair! You are not without allies. 
Haurchefant: You are more than welcome to shelter here for as long as you wish. Pray think of it as a new headquarters of sorts─the “Falling Snows” or some such! 
Haurchefant: All frivolity aside, any who come here in search of you will receive no aid from House Fortemps. For once, the Ishgardian reputation for inhospitality shall work in our favor. 
Haurchefant: Agents of Ul'dah will find their every inquiry dismissed, and their every request for entry rebuffed, until such time as their masters have acknowledged your innocence. 
Haurchefant: You once fought to preserve the honor of my dear friend─'tis a blessing that I may now repay that debt in kind. 
Haurchefant: But let us dwell no more on this. Pray join the rest of your companions. 
Haurchefant: 'Tis bitterly cold this day. I suspect there are those who might welcome the warmth your presence brings. 

Optional Dialogue

Alphinaud: ...Who managed to escape? And what of those who did not?
Haurchefant: The intercessory awaits, [Forename]. Pray do not keep your companions in suspense. I am certain their hearts will soar at the sight of you!

Speaking with the House Fortemps Guard

House Fortemps Guard: Greetings, sir/madam. Shall I show you inside?
System: Upon proceeding to the intercessory, several cutscenes will play in sequence.
System: It is recommended that you set aside sufficient time to view these scenes in their entirety.
<Proceed to the intercessory?>


Tataru: Alphinaud!? [Forename]!? Is it really you?
Tataru: I...I'm so happy that...that you are... <sniffle> <sob>
Tataru: I tried contacting Minfilia and the others, but no one would respond...
Tataru: And then Crystal Braves─our own people!─turned on us in the marketplace.
Tataru: F'lhaminn told me to run, and so I did. I ran and I ran until my lungs burned and my feet ached... But I lost my way...and then...
???: Fortunately, I had observed some of the Braves behaving suspiciously beforehand.
Yugiri: Hm? Ah, yes, my mask─it was lost in the struggle.
Tataru: Pretty, isn't she!?
Tataru: Anyway, after Yugiri found me, we traveled to Vesper Bay and met up with Urianger. When we told him what had happened, he used his magicks to weave a glamour around the Waking Sands. From the outside, our old headquarters now looks like an abandoned storehouse!
Tataru: The transformation didn't take long, either. Apparently, Urianger started making preparations after the imperial attack, just in case the Empire ever chose to pay us another visit. Good thinking, eh!?
Tataru: Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, so we waited there at the Waking Sands, hoping others would come...but no one else did.
Yugiri: My people are searching for the other Scions even as we speak, but we have met with no success as yet. I had hoped that you might be able to suggest further places to look. Ah, but you should know, the Rising Stones did not share the Waking Sands' good fortune. Only Crystal Braves await you there.
Yugiri: Be that as it may, we yet have cause to hope, do we not? If the two of you escaped, it is not impossible that the others could have done so as well.
Yugiri: You may have been forsaken by men and women believed true, but rest assured that the people of Doma yet stand with you. We welcome this opportunity to repay our debts, and shall continue our efforts to locate the others and see the Scions restored to their rightful place of honor.


Alphinaud: 'Tis all my doing... 
Alphinaud: I believed myself the only one who truly understood Eorzea's woes. And look what that arrogance has wrought. 
Alphinaud: I gave commands, influenced governments with my certainty... 
Alphinaud: I treated the Crystal Braves, and even the Scions themselves, as pawns in my great scheme to save the realm. 
Alphinaud: But in my headlong rush unto imagined glory, I paid no heed to the ground upon which I trod! 
Alphinaud: The salvation of Eorzea... What was it that I hoped to achieve? 
Alphinaud: Did I believe that I could rid the realm of every danger and difficulty? That I could defeat the Empire and the Ascians, and find homes for every refugee? 
Alphinaud: Oh yes, I was so very clever. “Become a guardian of Eorzea,” I implored, and sat back to watch my perfect army cleanse the land of chaos. 
Alphinaud: 'Twas all but a means to feed my own vanity. 
Alphinaud: Only when all is lost do I finally realize the truth. 
Tataru: Oh, Alphinaud... 
Haurchefant: So, Master Alphinaud, are you content to remain a broken blade? Is there no flame hot enough to reforge you? 
Haurchefant: What of the fine companions who yet stand at your side? I daresay the fires of their determination will soon have you slicing the air again with your customary wit! 
Alphinaud: I hardly deserve such friendship. And besides, where are we to go...? 
Tataru: Alphinaud? If I may...? 
Tataru: Should this place not serve our purpose, then...then we shall go to Ishgard! 
Tataru: Minfilia told me many times: as long as we stand fast against despair, the beacon of hope will never be lost to sight. 
Tataru: Be it in the snow or in the clouds, we few will see that the dawn's light shines again! 
Alphinaud: You are right, Tataru, thank you. And thank you for your kind words, Lord Haurchefant. 
Alphinaud: 'Tis true that Eorzea yet has her guardians. 
Alphinaud: The Scions have achieved much, and 'twould be remiss of me to discard it all in a fit of self-pity. 
Alphinaud: Let us then resume our journey, step at a time. 


Lady-in-waiting: All has been arranged as you desired, my lord.


Elidibus: Nabriales is no more.
Lahabrea: The Ardor was not his to invoke. His demise was of his own making.
Lahabrea: Nevertheless, it concerns me. They have...extinguished that which should rightly be eternal.
Elidibus: Mayhap he was not wholly mistaken. Greater haste may be warranted.
Lahabrea: We are of one mind.
Elidibus: The northern lands, then?
Lahabrea: The earth is fertile, and the seeds well sown. By my will, they shall reap salvation unlike any the world has known.
Elidibus: By His will.
Lahabrea: ...By His will.
 Urianger: I have answered thy summons, Emissary. Speak and make thine intent known.
Elidibus: I would speak of fate, Archon. Yours, mine─the fate of this very star.


Midgardsormr: Heh heh heh. Thou thinkest sanctuary lieth beyond? 
Midgardsormr: Delusion. Despair. Death. Thou shalt find naught else here.