List of warrior traits

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PvE traits

Trait Acquired Quest requirement Level Effect
 Tank Mastery Gladiator frame icon.png GLA
Paladin frame icon.png PLD
Marauder frame icon.png MRD
Warrior frame icon.png WAR
Dark Knight frame icon.png DRK
Gunbreaker frame icon1.png GNB
1 Reduces damage taken by 20%. Furthermore, grants a bonus to maximum HP is granted based on your vitality attribute, and a bonus to damage dealt based on your strength attribute.
 The Beast Within Warrior frame icon.png WAR 35 Increases Beast Gauge when landing Maim or Storm's Path in a combo.
 Inner Beast Mastery Warrior frame icon.png WAR 1Quest: The Bear Necessity 54 Upgrades Inner Beast to Fell Cleave.
 Steel Cyclone Mastery Warrior frame icon.png WAR 1Quest: And My Axe 60 Upgrades Steel Cyclone to Decimate.
 Enhanced Infuriate Warrior frame icon.png WAR 66 Reduces Infuriate recast time by 5 seconds upon landing Inner Beast, Steel Cyclone, Fell Cleave, or Decimate on most targets.
 Berserk Mastery Warrior frame icon.png WAR 1Quest: The Heart of the Problem 70 Upgrades Berserk to Inner Release.
 Nascent Chaos Warrior frame icon.png WAR 72 Infuriate grants the effect of Nascent Chaos, upgrading Decimate to Chaotic Cyclone. Upon reaching level 80, Nascent Chaos will also upgrade Fell Cleave to Inner Chaos.
 Mastering the Beast Warrior frame icon.png WAR 74 Increases Beast Gauge when landing Mythril Tempest in a combo.
 Enhanced Thrill of Battle Warrior frame icon.png WAR 78 Adds an additional effect to Thrill of Battle that increases HP recovery via healing actions by 20%.

PvP traits

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