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Patch 5.0

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Patch 5.0
Release Date
2 July 2019
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Patch Notes
5.0, 5.01, 5.05, 5.08
Patch 4.5
Patch 5.1
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Patch 5.0 is the initial release of the Shadowbringers expansion.

Notable Features, Additions, and Changes

New Content

System Changes and Additions

  • Level cap increased to 80 for all classes and jobs except Blue Mage.
  • Tactical points (TP) have been removed. The TP gauge in the HUD has been removed to correspond with this.
    • Magic points (MP) set at 10,000 for all classes and levels. Abilities formerly using TP may now use MP, or may have individual cooldowns.
    • Piety attribute retooled to healer-role exclusive MP regeneration.
  • Main Attribute materia have been deprecated and can no longer be melded.


Main Story Summary (Spoilers)

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