List of gunbreaker traits

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PvE traits

Trait Acquired Quest requirement Level Effect
Tank Mastery.png  Tank Mastery Gladiator frame icon.png GLA
Paladin frame icon.png PLD
Marauder frame icon.png MRD
Warrior frame icon.png WAR
Dark Knight frame icon.png DRK
Gunbreaker frame icon1.png GNB
1 Reduces damage taken by 20%. Furthermore, grants a bonus to maximum HP is granted based on your vitality attribute, and a bonus to damage dealt based on your strength attribute.
Cartridge Charge.png  Cartridge Charge Gunbreaker frame icon1.png GNB 30 Stores a Cartridge in your Powder Gauge after successfully completing a combo with Solid Barrel.
Maximum Cartridges: 2
Enhanced Brutal Shell.png  Enhanced Brutal Shell Gunbreaker frame icon1.png GNB 52 Grants the effect of Brutal Shell after successfully completing a combo with Brutal Shell.
Danger Zone Mastery.png  Danger Zone Mastery Gunbreaker frame icon1.png GNB 80 Upgrades Danger Zone to Blasting Zone.
Heart of Stone Mastery.png  Heart of Stone Mastery Gunbreaker frame icon1.png GNB 82 Upgrades Heart of Stone to Heart of Corundum.
Enhanced Aurora.png  Enhanced Aurora Gunbreaker frame icon1.png GNB 84 Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of Aurora.
Maximum Charges: 2
Melee Mastery.png  Melee Mastery Gunbreaker frame icon1.png GNB 84 Increases the potency of Keen Edge to 200, Brutal Shell to 160, and Solid Barrel to 140.
Enhanced Continuation.png  Enhanced Continuation Gunbreaker frame icon1.png GNB 86 Become Ready to Blast after executing Burst Strike.
Duration: 10s
Cartridge Charge II.png  Cartridge Charge II Gunbreaker frame icon1.png GNB 88 Increases Powder Gauge capacity to 3 Cartridges.
Executing Bloodfest stores 3 Cartridges.

PvP traits