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Minfilia needs you to investigate the sylphs.

— In-game description




Minfilia is in The Solar.

This quest has unlocked the ability to progress your class into a job at level 30. Please do this immediately upon reaching level 30, and stay current on all Class Quests and Job Quests going forward. Those quests unlock critical new abilities for your character and provide you with free gear and weapons.

Equip your Soul Crystal (also called a job stone) as soon as you receive it and save your gearset with the stone equipped. If you ever swap weapons to change class, you must re-equip your job stone manually. The Recommended Gear function will not re-equip your stone. It is therefore extremely highly recommended only to change jobs using the gearset feature.



  • You arrive at the Adders' Nest to find the commander thinking out loud. Apprise him as to the purpose of your visit.