List of summoner pet actions

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This is a list of summoner's pet actions.


Summoner pets feature three different facets: magic ranged dps, tanking, and melee dps. The summoner can summon Garuda-Egi, Titan-Egi, and Ifrit-Egi.


Shared actions

The following are shared actions used to control a pet behavior.

Action Description
 Away Order pet to leave the battlefield.
 Heel Order pet to follow behind you.
 Place Order pet to move to a specific location.
 Stay Order pet to remain where it is.
 Guard Order pet to refrain from attacking until you attack or are attacked.
 Steady Order pet to refrain from attacking until ordered to do so.

Pet Actions

Action Acquired Level Type Casting Recast Description
 Radiant Aegis {{ |name=y }} 2 Ability Instant 60s Orders Carbuncle to execute Radiant Aegis.
 Searing Light {{ |name=y }} 66 Ability Instant 120s Orders Carbuncle to execute Searing Light.

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