Return of the Holyfist

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Return of the Holyfist

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9.7, Y:10.3)
Experience 12,480
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestStar-crossed Rivals
Next quest
Feature QuestBrother from Another Mother

Meet Hamon at Forgotten Springs.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


The level 20 Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestSylph-management is required for the next quest to unlock.


  • Meet Hamon at Forgotten Springs.
  • Defeat sandworms.
  • Report to Hamon.
  • Speak to Weggfarr on Emerald Avenue.
  • Speak with Hamon at the Pugilists' Guild.


  • Hamon would request your aid in his training.
  • In order to complete his comeback, Hamon requests that you spar with him once more. Meet your guildmaster at Forgotten Springs in southern Thanalan to receive further instructions.
  • By way of a warm-up for your bout, Hamon bids you defeat five of the sandworms that inhabit the area south of Forgotten Springs.
  • You have defeated five sandworms. Report back to Hamon.
  • No sooner does your training end than Chuchuto arrives bearing news that Weggfarr has returned to Ul'dah, and is demanding that Hamon come for the rematch. Make your way to Emerald Avenue, where the odious marauder awaits.
  • To his great shock, Weggfarr finds himself downed by Hamon before he can even swing his axe. Unwilling to admit defeat, he resorts to using a substance he calls pluto to enhance his strength, and comes at you in a frenzy. With Rurukuta fighting beside you this time, you succeed in overcoming the marauder and his minions. Make your way to the Pugilists' Guild, where Hamon awaits.
  • In no small part due to your help, Hamon has defeated his long-standing rival, and the future of the guild is secure. Having realized the error of his ways, Rurukuta declares his intent to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Hamon bids you continue dedicating yourself to your training, that you might one day become a legend in your own right.


Accepting the quest

Hamon: I'm pleased to say I managed to find and thwack all the dummies. You did well to deploy them where you did, son/[?]. Thanks to you, I almost got killed several times!
Hamon: But what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and I'm feeling stronger than I have in ages. As a matter of fact, I reckon I'm not far from regaining my former strength. One last step will get me there, and I'll take it by having another bout with you, [Player].
Hamon: I want you to meet me out in the Sagolii Desert, at a settlement called Forgotten Springs. The place is home to the most luscious Miqo'te maidens this side of Eorzea! Gods, I can't wait to take in their lovely forms again!

Speaking to Hamon

Hamon: This landscape takes me back, it does. Sand as far as the eyes can see... Crystal-clear spring waters cooling your feet... Scantily clad lasses giggling as they bathe and frolic...
Hamon: <sigh> I well remember these things, but my body has forgotten the seamless combinations that earned me the epithet of Holyfist.
Hamon: That's where I'd have you enter, [Player]. Sparring with you is what first got me back into the swing of things. Now it's time to finish the job. But before we begin, some warming up is in order.
Hamon: I want you to take yourself across the dunes to the south and defeat five sandworms. I'll be waiting for you there.
Hamon: What? Don't I need a warm-up, too? Oh, don't you worry, I had mine long before you arrived. Those enormous buggers never knew what hit them!
Hamon: Hah hah hah! If you don't want to be outdone by this old man, you'd best run along and give them more of the same!

Reporting back to Hamon

Hamon: Ah, so you've seen to the sandworms? Marvelous! Now the real training can begin!
Hamon: Thanks to you, I've managed to get most of my stamina back. I'm confident that I can go the distance with the fittest of them.
Hamon: But if I'm to defeat Weggfarr, I'll need more than just endurance; I'll need to remember how each strike transitions to the next. And you're going to help refresh my pummeling the sense back into me!

Solo duty

Hamon Holyfist: Hit me, [Player]! With everything you've got!
Hamon Holyfist: Don't hold back!
Hamon Holyfist: Urgh! That's it! Give me more!
Hamon Holyfist: Yes! This pain... I can feel it working!
Hamon Holyfist: This feeling... This is it!
Hamon Holyfist: Hah hah hah! This is what I call growing pains!
Hamon Holyfist: Now we fight! This time I'm going to give as much as I get!
Hamon Holyfist: I'm not finished yet!
Hamon Holyfist: Ngaaah! Mark me, the next round...will be mine...
Hamon Holyfist: Hah hah hah! Nothing can keep me down!
Hamon Holyfist: Brace yourself, [Player]! I've a mind to finish this!
Hamon Holyfist: Hah hah hah! I'm nothing if not persistent!
Hamon Holyfist: <huff> <puff> I...I have it!


Hamon: <cough> <gasp> I've...I've got it!
Hamon: As a river flows to the sea, heedless of all that bars its path, so too must our combinations be! Ooh, that even rhymes!
Hamon: Thank you, [Player]! The raging torrent of your blows has been as a strike of lightning to my braincase. I remember...everything!
Chuchuto: M-Master! It's Weggfarr! The man is back in Ul'dah, and he's demanding that you fight him——now!
Hamon: So it begins... Very well, I will go to settle the score with Weggfarr. He will be the first to know that the Holyfist has returned!

Speaking to Weggfarr - cutscene

Weggfarr: Heh, I didn't expect ye to come so soon, if at all. Ye sure ye want to go ahead with this? I'm a man o' reason, an' I'd sooner not have to hurt ye. Just give up now, an' we can put an end to this mummer's farce. Ye can live out the rest o' yer days in peace.
Hamon: The only mummer's farce I see is a man trying to squirm out of his own self-wrought challenge. Well, I'm going to make you the same offer: walk away, and you won't get hurt.
Enraptured Spectator: They say Hamon Holyfist is going to perform his legendary technique!
Electrified Spectator: Right here on the avenue!? Is it safe!?
Weggfarr: Gahaha! I see age has robbed ye o' yer wits as well as yer strength!
Weggfarr: Well, if yer so eager for pain, who am I to deny it to ye? Jus' remember, there ain't no goin' back once yer head goes flyin'.
Hamon: Just like old times... Eh, Weggfarr?
Crowd: Hurrah!!!
Enraptured Spectator: Did you see that!? Because I sure as hells didn't! He was too fast!
Weggfarr: Nooo! Th-This can't be! I refuse to be beaten by a senile old fool!
Weggfarr: Get yer arses out here, all o' ye!
Weggfarr: 'Case yer wonderin', that was pluto!
Weggfarr: Just a draft of it, an' yer body turns hard as iron! Not even blades can pierce it!
Hamon: Hmph, stubborn bugger...
Chuchuto: Rurukuta!? But...why?
Rurukuta: I refuse to fight on the side of cheats.
Weggfarr: Gahahahahaha! Say yer prayers to whatever gods ye keep!
Weggfarr: By the time I'm finished, not even yer mothers'll recognize ye!

Solo duty

Weggfarr Wideaxe: Gahahaha! I'll lop off yer heads an' shite down yer necks!
Hamon Holyfist: You leave Weggfarr to me!
Rurukuta Tornstar: You heard Master Hamon! We take care of the minions!
Chuchuto Brightstar: I have your back!
Rurukuta Tornstar: Bloody hells, Weggfarr is maiming his own!
Chuchuto Brightstar: Utter madness!
Chuchuto Brightstar: Keep clear of Weggfarr!
Weggfarr Wideaxe: Gahahaha! Yer tough as old mutton, Hamon!
Weggfarr Wideaxe: Mayhap I'll try summat a slice o' yer adorable students!
Hamon Holyfist: No, Weggfarr! It's me you wanted to fight!
Chuchuto Brightstar: Watch out, [Player]! Weggfarr comes!


Chuchuto: <huff> <puff> did it, Master Hamon! You won!
Rurukuta: Master...
Hamon: No, Chuchuto——we won. This victory wasn't mine alone.
Cheerful Chap: Holy fisticuffs, that was incredible! You wiped the avenue with those crooks!
Sprightly Septuagenarian: I'm going to tell my grandchildren tales of what happened here!
Hamon: Our work here is done. Let's all go home——to the guild!

Speaking to Hamon - cutscene

Hamon: I want to thank you again, [Player]. It's because of you I was able to rekindle my fighting spirit and conquer my demons.
Hamon: Perhaps even more importantly, Rurukuta's come to his senses, and Chuchuto's back to her bubbly self.
Rurukuta: Please forgive me, Master. I will have no more to do with the Alacran. I will roam the land till I find myself, and strive to become a great pugilist like you.
Chuchuto: You've only just returned, and you're leaving us already? <sigh> I don't suppose there is aught I can say that will change your mind. But if you ever want for company or a sparring partner, know that you're always welcome here.
Hamon: Hah hah hah! Youthful vigor's a truly blessed thing! Go well, my boy. There's not a doubt in my mind that you'll do me proud.
Hamon: As for you, [Player]. Your combinations were a sight to behold...and right painful to receive. In helping me with my training, you've come into your own as a pugilist.
Hamon: The time's ripe that I taught you the technique that won me countless bouts on the bloodsands.
Hamon: I call it "Demolish." Unleashed when in the coeurl form, it combines powerful punches and kicks that'll send your opponent reeling.
Hamon: You have grown strong, [Player], but your journey as a pugilist is far from over. To get as far as I have, you'll have to overcome many and more trials and tribulations.
Hamon: But whatever challenges threaten to block your way, I'm confident that you'll be able to blaze yourself a path.
Hamon: So long as your spirit burns bright and your fists fly with conviction, there's nothing you can't achieve. I'm the living proof!
Hamon: Forge onward, young one, and create a legend for yourself never to be forgot!