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The Hunter's Legacy

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The Hunter's Legacy

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Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:10.8, Y:15.9)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Role Quests
Melee DPS role.png Melee DPS or
Physical Ranged DPS role.png Physical Ranged DPS
Experience 224,640
Gil 3,172
Previous quest
Feature QuestFreedom from Privilege
Next quest
Feature QuestFellowship Restored

Lue-Reeq appears to have been struck by an epiphany.

— In-game description


Aggressive difficulty r6.png Balam-Quitz

  • For this duty, you will be playing as Renda-Rae.
  • Balam-Quitz uses a lot of wide AOE attacks so don't stay in one spot too long.
  • When Balam-Quitz starts preparing Preternatural Roar, you must Interrupt it by using Dulling Arrow. If not interrupted, you will suffer Down for the count icon1.png Down for the Count.
  • Halfway through the fight, Balam-Quitz will use Rumbling Thunder, giving an unavoidable Down for the count icon1.png Down for the Count and starting a scripted scene where Ardbert, Branden, Cylva, Lamitt, and Nyelbert join the fight.
  • At 35% health, Balam-Quitz will use Frenzied Rage, giving itself a permanent Vulnerability down icon1.png Levinskin, which will increase it's defense and lengthen the fight.
  • It will use targeted AOE on your allies. Gather near them to share the damage.
  • At around 15% health, Balam-Quitz will slow cast Mortal Roar as an enrage. Simply stand on the AoE that appears shortly after to gain a damage buff and defeat the boss.



  • Lue-Reeq appears to have been struck by an epiphany.
  • Despite not even bothering to venture outside the Crystarium whilst making cursory inquiries, Lue-Reeq has struck upon a new avenue of investigation into the whereabouts of Andreia. There is a prevailing theory that the Virtues, unlike most sin eaters, are driven by powerful memories that forever changed the course of the fallen heroes' lives. If true, then the memory you glimpsed of Andreia may hold a clue to where she might be found next. What you described to Lue-Reeq was apparently similar to a tale the would-be hunter heard when he was a child. Why he did not reach this conclusion sooner is anyone's guess, but the fact remains that he has now, which is why he urges you to accompany him back to Kholusia that you may question the wet nurse who first told him the story and determine if its hero and Renda-Rae are one and the same.
  • Miss Olvara, the kindly woman who all but single-handedly raised Lue-Reeq, confirms that the adventures of the brave hunter that she regaled him with in his youth were indeed those of Renda-Rae. Despite the slander and disdain heaped upon the Warriors of Light in the wake of the Flood, Miss Olvara and her fellow bounty hunters still celebrated Renda-Rae's feats and looked up to her as a hero. They swore to preserve them, even if only in secret, and pass them down to future generations that they might inspire others as they had them. And so, even after she had long since put up her bow and quiver, the wet nurse delighted in sharing Renda-Rae's grand adventures with little Lue-Reeq, who in turn decided to follow in the women's footsteps.
  • The theory proves accurate, for your search of the Citia Swamps leads you straight to Andreia, where you once more find yourself walking in the memories of Renda-Rae─much to Lue-Reeq's dismay. As Miss Olvara described, the hunter tracked down the scourge of Norvrandt, Balam–Quitz, and with bow in hand took aim at the beast that had stolen her comrades from her on that tragic day...
  • In a twist, you discover that Renda-Rae did not in fact slay Balam–Quitz by herself, but with the aid of Ardbert and the other Warriors of Light, who had come to her aid despite her efforts to to keep them in the dark. However, when you emerge from your vision to share this revelation with Lue-Reeq, you are chastised by the young hunter who is angry that your visions have yet again cost you a chance to slay the Virtue. To your surprise, Lue-Reeq proclaims that he no longer has need of your services, and that upon your return to Gatetown, you will be given your final payment...
  • After sputtering some few words of irrational disappointment, Lue-Reeq departs in a huff, leaving you alone with Miss Olvara. As she watches him go, she explains that his behavior is likely an attempt to push you away before you do the same, as past experience has taught him that many of his so-called friends have only consorted with him for his prodigious wealth. She hopes you can find it in your heart to forgive him, and that you come and see her after taking some time to mull everything over.