The Spirit Is Willing

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The Spirit Is Willing

Pugilist quest image.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9.7, Y:10.3)
Required items
5 Toxic toad leg icon1.png  Toxic Toad Leg
Experience 5,760
Gil 0
Previous quest
Burning Up the Quarter Malm
Next quest
Keeping the Spirit Alive

Guildmaster Hamon believes you are ready for your next lesson.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Guildmaster Hamon believes you are ready for your next lesson.
  • In order to train you to deal with immense foes, Hamon bids you challenge the toxic toads that nest at the Unholy Heir. As proof of this feat, you are required to obtain five toad legs.
  • You have obtained five toad legs. Present them to Hamon, who awaits you at Black Brush Station.
  • You learn that an illicit drug called somnus is being smuggled into Ul'dah via Black Brush Station. Instead of the lesson he had planned, Hamon bids you track down and apprehend the smugglers. Begin by gathering information from the people of the station.
  • You have acquired sufficient information on the smugglers. Report your findings to Hamon.
  • In all likelihood, the smugglers are operating out of an abandoned Qiqirn lair west of the Coffer & Coffin. Make your way to the lair, and there lie in wait for the criminals.
  • To everyone's surprise, it turns out that one of the smugglers is in fact Rurukuta, the missing pugilist. Upon discovering that his master had grown feeble, Rurukuta became disillusioned and decided to leave the guild. Speak with your guildmaster and learn his side of the story.
  • Beaten and despondent, Hamon admits that the ravages of age have robbed him of his former ability. There seems to be nothing you can do for your guildmaster at the moment. For now, make your way back to the guild, and discuss matters further with Chuchuto.
  • Despite having learned the truth of Hamon's condition, Chuchuto does not respect him any less. Determined to help her master and benefactor regain his former strength, she asks for your aid. Keep applying yourself to your training, that your improvement might rekindle the fires of passion within the guildmaster.
    • ※The next pugilist quest will be available from Hamon upon reaching level 20.