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Impostor Syndrome

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Impostor Syndrome

The Hunter and the Hunted.png
Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.5, Y:10.2)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Required quest
Feature QuestCornered Prey
Melee DPS role.png Melee DPS
Experience 1,102,080
Gil 2,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestCornered Prey
Next quest
Feature QuestA Hunter True

Kuiyki seems to be on edge.

— In-game description




  • Kuiyki seems to be on edge.
  • Kuiyki initially regards you with suspicion, still wary after the last encounter with Samidare. With a satisfactory answer to her question, her doubt is dispelled and she sighs in relief. She reports that there have been no recent incidents matching Samidare's methodology, meaning that the public is aware of his schemes. The bad news is that due to being exposed to saltwater, Kuiyki's remedy can no longer neutralize the Dreamweave Cocoon's mimicry. As a result, she is keen to visit a supplier named Shirakashi on Kogane Dori to purchase the ingredients for synthesizing a new batch of the solution, and invites you to tag along.
  • Much to both your and Kuiyki's dismay, the materials necessary for the Tural-based remedy cannot be purchased this far east. Despite this setback, a conversation between Shirakashi and an elderly customer leads Kuiyki to realize that spectacles may improve her eyesight, and thus improve her aim with the bow. The customer recommends a merchant by the name of Yamabuki, who has a repertoire of artisans he can call upon to craft the perfect pair of spectacles for Kuiyki.
  • Alas, even purchasing a pair of spectacles is not as simple as it first seems. Yamabuki regretfully informs you that he currently lacks two materials in particular, and that unless you are willing to wait a fortnight for the next shipment to come in, you and Kuiyki will have to procure them yourselves. To leave a menace like Samidare on the loose for that length of time would be unconscionable, so the pair of you decide to split up to gather the necessary items. Kuiyki will head to Tamamizu to barter for an azure hawksbill shell, while you head to Shoal Rock in the Ruby Sea to acquire a cluster of aurulent quartz.
  • As instructed, you use the lure. Now you need but lie in wait for a shoal iwamushi to approach.
  • You summarily dispatch the creature, retrieving a cluster of aurulent quartz from its shell. Return to Kogane Dori and deliver the item to Yamabuki.
  • Kuiyki returns shortly after you in a severely disheveled state. She explains that the Red Kojin have been domineering the Blue Kojin's fishing grounds, making it difficult to procure azure hawksbill carapaces. Bartering a deal with the Blue Kojin, she fought off the Red Kojin in melee combat in exchange for a carapace. With the two necessary materials finally in tow, Yamabuki can now proceed to have Kuiyki's spectacles made. You wait a short while, and soon a bespectacled Kuiyki returns. After firing off a series of shots at a few different targets, the drastic improvement to her aim is obvious. Kuiyki is ecstatic to have overcome her greatest shortcoming and is now most eager to pursue her greatest quarry.
  • Kuiyki exudes a confidence she previously didn't possess. Believing that, at long last, you have a fighting chance of capturing Samidare, she bids you make your preparations for the final battle while she continues to investigate his present whereabouts.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from Kuiyki upon reaching level 100 in any melee DPS class.