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The Hunter and the Hunted

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The Hunter and the Hunted

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Quest giver
Tuliyollal (X:12.8, Y:14.9)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Required quest
Feature QuestUncouth Customers
Melee DPS role.png Melee DPS
Experience 994,560
Gil 2,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestUncouth Customers
Next quest
Feature QuestA Sea of Blood

Shashepya seeks an adventurer who likes getting up close and personal.

— In-game description


  • Gather information in Kugane.
  • Speak with the I'toca-esque woman near the Sekiseigumi Barracks.
  • Speak with I'toca and have her accompany you.
  • Survey the designated location while I'toca is accompanying you.
  • Speak with I'toca.


  • Shashepya seeks an adventurer who likes getting up close and personal.
  • Shashepya, a woman from a secluded village in the forests of Xak Tural, has been searching for one who can aid in the retrieval of her home's stolen treasure, the Dreamweave Cocoon. Those who possess it possess the power to mimic not only the form, but abilities of anyone they have seen. According to an eyewitness, the thief was headed towards Kugane, which is where the foremost hunter of her village, I'toca, has followed in pursuit. Yet with no word of I'toca's progress in days, Shashepya is worried the hunter may require the aid of one more familiar with the land, and suggests you may find her by inquiring at the local tavern.
  • You encounter a patron in the Shiokaze Hostelry who happened to see a Viera woman matching I'toca's description near the Sekiseigumi Barracks. With any luck, she will still be there.
  • I'toca quickly welcomes your assistance and explains that despite knowing the thief is a Hyuran male, the cocoon's power of mimicry makes him a difficult quarry to capture. The only lead she has are recent rumors of squabbles breaking out around the city which have no clear instigators. Find the source of these squabbles, and you will find the thief─or so I'toca believes.
  • Two pairs of eyes and ears are better than one, and so I'toca petitions your aid in searching the Rakuza District.
    • ※You must be accompanied by I'toca to complete this task. Speak with her again should you become separated.
  • You witness an altercation between a cowering clerk and a belligerent customer, with the behavior of the latter seeming to match that of the thief's presumed modus operandi. I'toca lobs the remedy at him without hesitation, unfortunately to no effect but to upset the man further. Shrugging off this faux pas, she suggests visiting Kogane Dori next.
  • A dispute between two samurai nearly comes to blows, but thanks to a timely lobbed remedy, you and I'toca discover that the wife instigating the fight is actually the thief in disguise. Unperturbed at having his plan foiled, the thief uses the cocoon to transform into a hawk and takes flight. I'toca attempts to shoot him down without avail. For a blessing, no harm has come to those involved in the dispute, and the Sekiseigumi thank you for revealing the perpetrator, vowing to spread the story of the scoundrel's misdeeds among the populace and redouble their efforts at keeping them safe.
  • Reiterating how grateful she is for your help, I'toca informs you she will remain in Kugane to follow up on leads regarding the thief's potential whereabouts. Given some time, she will no doubt have new insights to offer.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from I'toca upon reaching level 92 in any melee DPS class.