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Courage Born of Fear

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Lue-Reeq wishes to confront an uncomfortable truth.

— In-game description





  • Lue-Reeq wishes to confront an uncomfortable truth.
  • Lue-Reeq is well aware that his martial prowess pales in comparison to yours, and that he is far more likely to hinder any effort to slay Andreia than to aid it. Now that the Virtue travels in the company of several eaters, a clever strategy is more important than ever, and to that end, the bounty hunter proposes the manufacture of a device that can generate a loud enough noise, as it was such a noise that rendered Renda-Rae powerless when she first faced Balam–Quitz. Before you can depart for the Crystalline Mean to seek an artisan's assistance, however, a servant of Lue-Reeq's lord father appears and demands that he renounce his chosen career and return to Eulmore at once, else he will be disowned. After a moment's hesitation, the young hunter marshals his courage and declares that the only family he acknowledges is Miss Olvara, his wet nurse. The die is cast, and you may now concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Loythe of the Crystalline Mean is amused by your request for a noisemaking device, but is more than willing to design and craft it─provided you and Lue-Reeq can procure the necessary materials. Said materials will require one to travel to the far corners of Norvrandt and back, and so you steel yourself for another long journey, only for Lue-Reeq to declare that he has imposed upon you too much. You are to wait in the Crystarium while he alone fetches the various materials.
  • When you are rejoined by Lue-Reeq, you are surprised not only to learn that he managed to procure every item requested, but worked closely with Loythe to learn how to craft his secret weapon by himself. The noisemaker arrows, as he calls them, should serve to incapacitate Andreia in the heat of battle. With these final preparations complete, you depart for Rak'tika once more.
  • Though you have known many a harrowing battle, the fight against Andreia and her party of eaters proves to be one of your greatest challenges yet. Fortunately, Lue-Reeq's noisemaker arrows serve to turn the tide, and after defeating each of her comrades in turn, the Virtue soon falls.
  • As the essence of Andreia begins to dissipate, you glimpse the last vestiges of Renda-Rae, the fallen Warrior of Light. She speaks of guilt and of love for her comrades, of the fear that gripped her heart and the courage that blossomed from it. Of a last, desperate attempt to save all she and her friends held dear, knowing what it would cost, knowing that it would surely fail...for it could be no other way. The shade's parting words leave Lue-Reeq confused, and so you explain to him how the Warriors of Light stood valiantly against the Flood of Light and sacrificed their lives to halt its advance. For his ignorance, the hunter is ashamed, though he hopes in helping lay Renda-Rae's soul to rest he has earned a modicum of forgiveness.
  • Olvara is proud and relieved to see you and Lue-Reeq return, and as one hunter to another she thanks you for saving her hero's soul. She promises to preserve the truth of her tale so that future generations will know the whole of her story─of Renda-Rae, the greatest hunter who ever lived, and a true friend. Having said your good-byes, all that remains is to return to the Crystarium to claim the bounty and celebrate your victory.
  • Over a final feast, Lue-Reeq presses you to reveal the whole story of how you know so much about the Warriors of Light, and so you tell him of how you faced them in the Source, as the Warriors of Darkness, and the terrible sacrifice they had to make to even have the chance to save the First. This revelation only serves to reinforce the conclusion Lue-Reeq has already reached: that he does not have what it takes to walk the same path as you, much as he has enjoyed your time together. But there is no shame in it, for he has also realized how important Miss Olvara is to him, and so he would instead return to Kholusia and repay her for the kindness she showed him in his youth by caring for her in her old age. Thus ends the glorious partnership that was Reeq and Forename