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Male ♂
Mystel (Seeker of the Sun)
Vanquisher of Virtue
The Crystarium (10.8,15.9)
Quest NPC
Part of
Shadowbringers Role Quests

Lue-Reeq Chalah is a Mystel found in The Crystarium.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
No Greater Sport Role quest 70 Lue-Reeq
Vengeance in Defeat Role quest 72 Lue-Reeq
Freedom from Privilege Role quest 74 Lue-Reeq
The Hunter's Legacy Role quest 76 Lue-Reeq
Courage Born of Fear Role quest 80 Lue-Reeq

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver


Zone Coordinates Level range
The Crystarium (X:10.8, Y:15.9)
The Crystarium (X:11.5, Y:7.4)
Kholusia (X:23.3, Y:33.7)


"May the best hunter win!"

Born among the free citizens of Eulmore, Lue-Reeq never knew the love of his parents. He was raised almost entirely by his wet nurse, Olvara, whose cooking he still adores to this day. She was the one to tutor the Mystel boy in everything from etiquette to literature, but of all the subjects she taught, archery was by far his favorite. He practiced this skill with ardent focus, eventually choosing to abandon his pampered Eulmoran life for a career in bounty hunting. Unfortunately, his isolated upbringing had left him socially stunted, and he struggled to make allies, let alone true friends. It was only after encountering the Warrior of Darkness that Lue-Reeq took some time to reflect on his shortcomings and find the means to slay Andreia, one of the Cardinal Virtues. The story of her past was an unexpected boon, gifting the eighteen-year-old a much-needed lesson in bravery.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 154

Mournful Blade

Olvara's old bow that she passed on to Lue-Reeq when he decided to set out on his own. Its name comes from the bow's glittering adornment-a fist-sized crystal Olvara procured from the stomach of the Wherwetrice.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 154