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A Hunter True

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A Hunter True

The Hunter and the Hunted.png
Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.5, Y:10.2)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Required quest
Feature QuestImpostor Syndrome
Melee DPS role.png Melee DPS
Experience 0
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestImpostor Syndrome

Kuiyki is eager to discuss new developments with you.

— In-game description




Aggressive difficulty r6.png Unbound: Silvertongue Samidare




  • Kuiyki is eager to discuss new developments with you.
  • Kuiyki informs you that an old friend, Cirina, has come to visit you. The hunter brings the Mol maiden before you, but even you have grown wary of impostors, and attempt to prove her identity with a simple question. She provides a satisfactory answer, then explains the reason for her visit: Samidare appeared in the Azim Steppe, once more assuming your form in an attempt to incite war between the tribes and Doma. While his initial scheme failed, you and Kuiyki suspect he may still be in the area, and Cirina encourages a visit to Reunion to gather information.
  • You speak with a number of merchants, and learn one interesting tidbit of information: Magnai has been acting strangely. Kuiyki will wish to hear of this.
  • You soon learn Kuiyki has also heard similar rumors, including one that Magnai was recently seen entering Bardam's Mettle. It seems beyond doubt that Samidare now wears Magnai's face, and is unquestionably up to no good. Kuiyki cautions you to see to your preparations, as once you enter, the final battle will ensue.
  • You make for Bardam's Mettle, yet nothing in all the shards combined could have prepared you for the sight that greets your eyes: Sadu and Magnai engaging in what appears to be a disturbing tryst. As you watch, you notice that each word Sadu utters is more unnatural than the last, and quickly discern that Samidare has taken on her form. You attempt to alert Magnai to this fact, but he is knocked out from behind before he has a chance to react. Samidare has lost patience with your frequent interventions, and takes on the late I'toca's form as you engage in battle.
  • Despite transforming into a series of fearsome fighters and finally the guardian of Doma herself, Samidare is no match for you and the sharp-eyed Kuiyki. Seeing victory is out of the cards, he attempts to flee, but is shot down by Kuiyki, who at long last fulfills her promise to I'toca. Magnai, meanwhile, intends to make sure Samidare is punished for his crimes─and the shadow of shame he has cast over the Sun. With the Dreamweave Cocoon reclaimed at last, Kuiyki knows that the long journey home must begin─though she is uncertain how she will be greeted.
  • As it was Shashepya who originally requested your aid, Kuiyki suggests you return to Tuliyollal together to let her know the cocoon has been reclaimed.
  • Shashepya is surprised to see you return alone, but soon Kuiyki arrives to explain all. Shashepya is dismayed to learn of what befell I'toca, but is relieved Kuiyki has returned safely with the cocoon in hand. Yet Kuiyki insists her accomplishments will never bring I'toca back, nor pardon her failures, and so vows to exile herself. Shashepya rejects this immediately, reassuring Kuiyki that the forest is her home. Kuiyki eventually acquiesces to Shashepya, and thanks you for all you have done. She may not be her village's greatest hunter, but she is at least a hunter now worthy of the title. With the hope that your paths may one day cross again, she sets off with Shashepya to make her long overdue return home.