The Gauntlet

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The Gauntlet

This chain of northern isles is used by young Vanu Vanu warriors as a training ground for their rites of passage, prompting the knights of Cloudtop to give it the name the "Gauntlet."

— In-game description

The Gauntlet is a area in The Sea of Clouds.


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The Shattered Back

The strong seasonal winds from the north have carved the crags of this floating isle into their unique shapes. The knights of lshgard called it the Shattered Back for its ominous resemblance to the gnarled rib bones of a great beast.

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Hengr's Crucible

This oddly shaped isle, floating in the eastern reaches of the Sea of Clouds, is named for the witch Hengr, a figure of Coerthan faerie tales whose cauldron its shape is said to resemble. In recent years, it has become a gathering place fur the notoriously territorial toco tocos.

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When the Rose Knights first came to the Sea of Clouds and treated with the Zundu, they asked the chieftain what he called this islet floating northwest of Ok ' Zundu, to which he responded "small island beneath which cold winds of Coerthas ever blow." For the sake of brevity, the knights simply called it Coldwind

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Mok Oogl Island

An island whose name, in the tongue of the Vanu Vanu, translates to "a noise heard on high." On the island stands a monument engraved with a mark of moogle design, but no sign of the creatures themselves, leaving its origins clouded in mystery.

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When Ser Marielle was appointed to the Rose Knights of Camp Cloudtop, she spotted this heart-shaped island atop the deck of her airship bound for post. It reminded the knight of a place of provenance where two lovers would begin their journey together, and the island was named thus.

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