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Lord Haurchefant thinks you could do with a well-deserved rest.

— In-game description





  • Although the trial is ended, Lord Haurchefant must attend to some minor formalities before Alphinaud and Tataru can be released. In the meantime, he suggests that you return to the manor, and discuss the day's events with Count Edmont.
  • As usual, your conversation with the count is cut short, this time by the arrival of a message from the Vault. It would seem that His Eminence Archbishop Thordan VII has requested your presence. Hasten to the Holy Vault and speak with the priest outside the entrance to be granted admission.
  • Thordan VII warmly welcomes you and apologizes for the misunderstanding that led to Alphinaud and Tataru's incarceration. Having taken the highly unusual step of dismissing his personal guard, he then reveals to you that he has communicated with the Ascians, going on to explain that he is paying lip service to their wishes while plotting to move against them. He asks for your help in this endeavor, stating that only by wresting Eorzea from their grasp can a lasting peace ever be forged. Return to Fortemps Manor and share this disturbing revelation with Alphinaud.
  • Alphinaud is shocked to learn that the Ascians' influence has also spread to Ishgard. Even as he ponders a course of action, Tataru remembers with a start a troubling rumor she had heard. It would seem that Raubahn is to be executed for crimes against the sultanate. Determined not to lose yet another ally, Alphinaud resolves to do everything in his power to rescue the deposed Flame General.