Heart of Ice

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Moghan - The Churning Mists (x17, y33)
Requirements Level 54
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 62400    Gil 755
Dhalmelskin breeches of fending icon1.png, Dhalmelskin breeches of maiming icon1.png, Ramie trousers of striking icon1.png, Ramie trousers of scouting icon1.png, Allagan silver piece icon1.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
Waiting for the Wind to Change A Nutty Initiation
Far From Home
The Wyrm's Lair
Waiting to Inhale




  • Blow the horn on the top floor of Zenith.


  • Moghan is gazing meaningfully at the path to Zenith...
  • A well-rested Moghan declares that the winds have turned in your favor. After once more instructing you on how to use the horn to summon Hraesvelgr, the moogle bids you a hurried farewell, apparently keen to return to Moghome. You cannot imagine why. Follow the path to Zenith, and blow the horn on the top floor of the palace.
  • Hraesvelgr answers the call of the horn, but is displeased to find that his sanctuary has been invaded by the children of men. After scornfully dismissing Ysayle's claims to be Shiva reborn, he rebuffs your calls for peace, and recounts the tale of his brood-sister Ratatoskr's murder and the treachery of King Thordan. Man, he concludes, has brought nothing but misery to dragonkind. With that, the immense creature flies away, leaving you to ponder the cost of Nidhogg's eternal quest for vengeance. Trouble Alphinaud for his thoughts on this ill-starred encounter.
  • Though Hraesvelgr revealed much that was hidden about Ishgard's bloody history, Alphinaud is crushed by the failure of your mission. With your hopes for peace shattered, it is time to consider more desperate measures...