Mogmul Mogbelly

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Mogmul Mogbelly

Mogmul Mogbelly.PNG

The Churning Mists (15.9,28.5)

From stone, to wood, to steel, and more, I'm the moogle who can get you what you need, kupo! Master Mogzin said if I do this job well, he might let me manage the kupo nuts again!

— In-game description

Mogmul Mogbelly is a Moogle found in The Churning Mists.

Unlocking Merchant

Unlocked by completing Moogle Daily Quests and improving your Reputation. The vendor gains additional wares based on reputation rank.

Items for Sale


Item Type Cost
Cloud mica icon1.png   Cloud Mica Crafting material Gil 843
Hardsilver sand icon1.png   Hardsilver Sand Crafting material Gil 807
Camphorwood branch icon1.png   Camphorwood Branch Crafting material Gil 2,245
Dandelion icon1.png   Dandelion Crafting material Gil 703


Item Type Cost
Markworthy mogsofa icon1.png   Markworthy Mogsofa Other Gil 10,252
Dragon floor lamp icon1.png   Dragon Floor Lamp Other Gil 6,408


Item Type Cost
Aurum regis sand icon1.png   Aurum Regis Sand Crafting material Gil 879
Dravanian mistletoe icon1.png   Dravanian Mistletoe Crafting material Gil 1,893
Gloaming coral icon1.png   Gloaming Coral Crafting material Gil 1,378
Meandering mog slippers icon1.png   Meandering Mog Slippers Feet Gil 100,000


Item Type Cost
Cloud mallow seeds icon1.png   Cloud Mallow Seeds Other Gil 200,000
Wind-up dragonet icon2.png   Wind-up Dragonet Minion Gil 30,000


Item Type Cost
Wind-up ohl deeh icon2.png   Wind-up Ohl Deeh Minion Gil 30,000

Purchase Tools

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Bas-relief cobalt saw icon1.png   Bas-relief Cobalt Saw Saw ABasic 48
Gil 7,228
Mythrite halfheart saw icon1.png   Mythrite Halfheart Saw Saw ABasic 52
Gil 13,194
Hardsilver saw icon1.png   Hardsilver Saw Saw ABasic 55
Gil 15,523
Wrapped hawksbeak hammer icon1.png   Wrapped Hawksbeak Hammer Cross-pein Hammer ABasic 48
Gil 6,933
Mythrite lump hammer icon1.png   Mythrite Lump Hammer Cross-pein Hammer ABasic 52
Gil 12,656
Titanium cross-pein hammer icon1.png   Titanium Cross-pein Hammer Cross-pein Hammer ABasic 55
Gil 14,889
Cobalt raising hammer icon1.png   Cobalt Raising Hammer Doming Hammer ABasic 48
Gil 7,080
Mythrite raising hammer icon1.png   Mythrite Raising Hammer Doming Hammer ABasic 52
Gil 12,925
Titanium ball-pein hammer icon1.png   Titanium Ball-pein Hammer Doming Hammer ABasic 55
Gil 15,206
Electrum lapidary hammer icon1.png   Electrum Lapidary Hammer Lapidary Hammer ABasic 48
Gil 6,933
Mythrite lapidary hammer icon1.png   Mythrite Lapidary Hammer Lapidary Hammer ABasic 52
Gil 12,656
Hardsilver texture hammer icon1.png   Hardsilver Texture Hammer Lapidary Hammer ABasic 55
Gil 14,889
Electrum head knife icon1.png   Electrum Head Knife Head Knife ABasic 48
Gil 6,785
Mythrite round knife icon1.png   Mythrite Round Knife Head Knife ABasic 52
Gil 12,386
Titanium creasing knife icon1.png   Titanium Creasing Knife Head Knife ABasic 55
Gil 14,572
Electrum needle icon1.png   Electrum Needle Needle ABasic 48
Gil 4,868
Mythrite needle icon1.png   Mythrite Needle Needle ABasic 52
Gil 8,886
Hardsilver needle icon1.png   Hardsilver Needle Needle ABasic 55
Gil 10,454
Thermal alembic icon1.png   Thermal Alembic Alembic ABasic 48
Gil 6,343
Mythrite alembic icon1.png   Mythrite Alembic Alembic ABasic 52
Gil 11,579
Hardsilver alembic icon1.png   Hardsilver Alembic Alembic ABasic 55
Gil 13,622
Hells kitchen icon1.png   Hells' Kitchen Frypan ABasic 48
Gil 6,490
Frypan caliente icon1.png   Frypan Caliente Frypan ABasic 52
Gil 11,848
Titanium frypan icon1.png   Titanium Frypan Frypan ABasic 55
Gil 13,939
Egret dolabra icon1.png   Egret Dolabra Pickaxe ABasic 48
Gil 6,933
Mythrite pickaxe icon1.png   Mythrite Pickaxe Pickaxe ABasic 52
Gil 12,656
Hardsilver dolabra icon1.png   Hardsilver Dolabra Pickaxe ABasic 55
Gil 14,889
Horned hatchet icon1.png   Horned Hatchet Hatchet ABasic 48
Gil 6,785
Mythrite hatchet icon1.png   Mythrite Hatchet Hatchet ABasic 52
Gil 12,386
Titanium hatchet icon1.png   Titanium Hatchet Hatchet ABasic 55
Gil 14,572
Gilded rosewood fishing rod icon1.png   Gilded Rosewood Fishing Rod Fishing Rod ABasic 48
Gil 7,228
Cedar fishing rod icon1.png   Cedar Fishing Rod Fishing Rod ABasic 52
Gil 13,194
Dark chestnut fishing rod icon1.png   Dark Chestnut Fishing Rod Fishing Rod ABasic 55
Gil 15,523

Purchase Field Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Mythrite goggles of crafting icon1.png   Mythrite Goggles of Crafting Head ABasic 51
Gil 7,387
Mythrite goggles of gathering icon1.png   Mythrite Goggles of Gathering Head ABasic 51
Gil 7,387
Holy rainbow wedge cap icon1.png   Holy Rainbow Wedge Cap Head ABasic 53
Gil 7,983
Holy rainbow hat icon1.png   Holy Rainbow Hat Head ABasic 53
Gil 7,983
Ramie turban of crafting icon1.png   Ramie Turban of Crafting Head ABasic 55
Gil 9,979
Dhalmelskin bush hat icon1.png   Dhalmelskin Bush Hat Head ABasic 55
Gil 12,474
Archaeoskin jackcoat of crafting icon1.png   Archaeoskin Jackcoat of Crafting Body ABasic 51
Gil 10,038
Archaeoskin jackcoat of gathering icon1.png   Archaeoskin Jackcoat of Gathering Body ABasic 51
Gil 10,038
Holy rainbow coatee icon1.png   Holy Rainbow Coatee Body ABasic 53
Gil 9,884
Wyvernskin jerkin icon1.png   Wyvernskin Jerkin Body ABasic 53
Gil 12,355
Ramie doublet of crafting icon1.png   Ramie Doublet of Crafting Body ABasic 55
Gil 15,444
Dhalmelskin vest icon1.png   Dhalmelskin Vest Body ABasic 55
Gil 15,444
Archaeoskin gloves of crafting icon1.png   Archaeoskin Gloves of Crafting Hands ABasic 51
Gil 7,207
Archaeoskin gloves of gathering icon1.png   Archaeoskin Gloves of Gathering Hands ABasic 51
Gil 7,207
Holy rainbow gloves icon1.png   Holy Rainbow Gloves Hands ABasic 53
Gil 7,096
Holy rainbow work gloves icon1.png   Holy Rainbow Work Gloves Hands ABasic 53
Gil 8,870
Dhalmelskin halfgloves of crafting icon1.png   Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting Hands ABasic 55
Gil 11,088
Dhalmelskin gloves icon1.png   Dhalmelskin Gloves Hands ABasic 55
Gil 11,088
Archaeoskin breeches of crafting icon1.png   Archaeoskin Breeches of Crafting Legs ABasic 51
Gil 7,722
Archaeoskin breeches of gathering icon1.png   Archaeoskin Breeches of Gathering Legs ABasic 51
Gil 7,722
Holy rainbow bottoms icon1.png   Holy Rainbow Bottoms Legs ABasic 53
Gil 7,603
Wyvernskin culottes icon1.png   Wyvernskin Culottes Legs ABasic 53
Gil 9,504
Ramie skirt icon1.png   Ramie Skirt Legs ABasic 55
Gil 9,504
Ramie trousers of gathering icon1.png   Ramie Trousers of Gathering Legs ABasic 55
Gil 9,504
Archaeoskin jackboots of crafting icon1.png   Archaeoskin Jackboots of Crafting Feet ABasic 51
Gil 8,236
Archaeoskin jackboots of gathering icon1.png   Archaeoskin Jackboots of Gathering Feet ABasic 51
Gil 8,236
Holy rainbow shoes icon1.png   Holy Rainbow Shoes Feet ABasic 53
Gil 8,110
Wyvernskin workboots icon1.png   Wyvernskin Workboots Feet ABasic 53
Gil 10,137
Dhalmelskin shoes icon1.png   Dhalmelskin Shoes Feet ABasic 55
Gil 12,672
Dhalmelskin fringe boots icon1.png   Dhalmelskin Fringe Boots Feet ABasic 55
Gil 12,672

Carved Kupo Nut Exchange

Item Type Cost
Glass fiber icon1.png   Glass Fiber Crafting material Carved Kupo Nut 3
Unidentifiable bone icon1.png   Unidentifiable Bone Other Carved Kupo Nut 18
Unidentifiable shell icon1.png   Unidentifiable Shell Other Carved Kupo Nut 18
Unidentifiable ore icon1.png   Unidentifiable Ore Other Carved Kupo Nut 18
Unidentifiable seeds icon1.png   Unidentifiable Seeds Other Carved Kupo Nut 18
Adepts hat icon1.png   Adept's Hat Head Carved Kupo Nut 6
Adepts gown icon1.png   Adept's Gown Body Carved Kupo Nut 9
Adepts gloves icon1.png   Adept's Gloves Hands Carved Kupo Nut 4
Adepts hose icon1.png   Adept's Hose Legs Carved Kupo Nut 4
Adepts thighboots icon1.png   Adept's Thighboots Feet Carved Kupo Nut 4
Trailblazers scarf icon1.png   Trailblazer's Scarf Head Carved Kupo Nut 6
Trailblazers vest icon1.png   Trailblazer's Vest Body Carved Kupo Nut 9
Trailblazers wristguards icon1.png   Trailblazer's Wristguards Hands Carved Kupo Nut 4
Trailblazers slops icon1.png   Trailblazer's Slops Legs Carved Kupo Nut 4
Trailblazers shoes icon1.png   Trailblazer's Shoes Feet Carved Kupo Nut 4