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Into the Aery

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Into the Aery

Into the Aery Image.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:13, Y:11)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 67,200
Gil 5,000
Previous quest
Ready to Fly
Next quest
The Song Begins

Estinien is eager to set forth for the Aery.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Cid.


  • At the manufactory, Cid, Wedge, and Biggs take turns reassuring you that their manacutters are equal to the task of piercing the barrier around the Aery. Seeing no further need to delay, Estinien bids you fly with him to Nidhogg's lair forthwith. It would seem that the time has come at last to face the dread wyrm in a battle that could bring an end to a thousand years of suffering.
    ※The Aery can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • Following an aerial encounter with the enraged Nidhogg, you are separated from Estinien and land far from the duel between dragoon and wyrm. Undaunted, you cut a bloody path through the Aery's defenders, and eventually arrive at their master's lofty perch. There, with the Azure Dragoon stifling the source of Nidhogg's strength, you finally succeed in bringing the massive creature down. Speak to Estinien at Monsterie in the Churning Mists.
  • Glorying in victory, the Azure Dragoon gouges out Nidhogg's remaining eye, and sends the lifeless wyrm tumbling into the clouds below. Moments later, your Crystal of Lightning is suffused with new radiance, and you are treated to another vision of the past -- a vision wherein you witness the truth of Nidhogg's defeat at the hands of Haldrath and his knights. When you subsequently relate the tale to Estinien, the dragoon seems greatly perplexed. If Haldrath claimed both eyes from the wyrm, whence came the trophy so recently plucked from Nidhogg's skull? Discuss the matter further with Estinien.
  • Though Estinien has defeated his lifelong nemesis, the mysteries thus uncovered weigh heavily upon his heart. Only by wresting the truth from Hraesvelgr will your triumph be complete.