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Alexandrite icon1.png
A variety of dark matter that possesses light-altering properties.
Alexandrite is a catalyst required to upgrade Animus Zodiac Weapons into Novus Zodiac Weapon. It was introduced in patch 2.28. Players will need 75 Alexandrites to upgrade each Animus weapon into Zodiac. Players will not lose Alexandrite for failed materia melds.

How to Obtain


Players can complete FATEs with their Animus, Novus or Nexus weapons equipped with a chance to obtain alexandrite. This is similar to Atma farming.

Mysterious Maps

Players can also complete Mysterious Maps to obtain Alexandrite. Each map awards 5 alexandrite. Failing the task will destroy the map.

Players can obtain the map by purchasing each for 800 Allagan Tomestone of Mythology from Auriana.(prior to patch 2.4)

Players can obtain the map by purchasing one for 75 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics from Auriana.

Players can also obtain the map by completing the quest Morbid Motivation that requires the player to complete Level 50/60 Roulette. Each quest awards a map. The quest resets daily.

The Hunt

Alexandrite costs 50 Allied Seals each.