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FATE in 2.0 beta

FATEs (Full Active Time Events) are dynamic scenarios, often battles, that appear around Eorzea. FATEs involve boss battles, escort missions and other events. Players can complete these events for experience, gil and Grand Company seals. Occasionally players will also receive items for successful completion of a FATE at gold medal. FATE credit is shared amongst all members of a party. Group up for better chances at maximum credit.


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To locate a FATE, look for FATE indicators that randomly appear on your map. To join a FATE, simply enter the FATE radius (blue circle) on your mini map and attempt to complete the FATE objectives. There are no limits to the number of players that can participate in a FATE at a time. If the player's level is too high, they will be asked to level sync down. FATEs can be completed by finishing the on-screen objectives within the time limit. Players are rewarded with experience and gil when a FATE is completed.

  • Enemies that are the objective of a FATE will have a special icon next to their names: Fate mob icon1.png

Types of FATEs

Kill Enemies Slay enemy FATE icon.png

Monster FATES require the players to defeat waves and waves of monsters. On your map, they show up as icons with two crossed swords. Players can increase their rating by tagging or first hitting monsters, doing damage to the monsters and healing and reviving other players. To obtain participation for a monster slain, players need to get on the aggro table (pops up on the left) for that monster when it is slain.

  • Easiest way to achieve Gold Medal rating is by tagging monsters with instant cast spells, damage them with AoE abilities, gaining enmity for multiple mobs and healing players with high enmity.

Kill Boss Boss FATE icon.png

Boss FATEs require the players to defeat one large and powerful boss monster. On your map, they show up as icons with monster maw. Players can increase their rating by doing damage to the boss, tanking hits from the boss and healing other players.

Rare Boss FATEs

These are not visible on the main map, and must be located on the minimap display. These FATEs, also referred to as world bosses by players, have prerequisite weather or completing other FATE chains.

FATE Boss Level Location Notes
FATE: Kill BossHe Taketh It with His Eyes Behemoth Level 50 Coerthas Central Highlands 1 FATE prerequisite
FATE: Kill BossSteel Reign Odin Level 50 The Black Shroud Weather: Tension.pngTension
FATE: Kill BossCoeurls Chase Boys Chase Coeurls Coeurlregina Level 60 The Dravanian Forelands Weather: Royal Levin.pngRoyal Levin
2 FATE prerequisite
FATE: Kill BossPrey Online Noctilucale Level 59 Azys Lla Weather: Hyperelectricity.pngHyperelectricity
FATE: Kill BossA Horse Outside Ixion Level 70 The Lochs Weather: Quicklevin.pngQuick Levin
FATE: Kill BossFoxy Lady Tamamo Gozen Level 70 Yanxia 3 FATE prerequisite
FATE: Kill BossA Finale Most Formidable Formidable Level 80 Kholusia 5 FATE prerequisite
FATE: Kill BossThe Head, the Tail, the Whole Damned Thing Archaeotania Level 80 The Tempest 6 FATE prerequisite
FATE: Kill BossDevout Pilgrims vs. Daivadipa Daivadipa Level 90 Thavnair 2 FATE prerequisite
FATE: Kill BossOmicron Recall: Killing Order Chi Level 90 Ultima Thule 2 FATE prerequisite

Notorious Monster Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png

Main article: Eureka FATEs

A type of boss fate only found in The Forbidden Land Eureka The Forbidden Land, Eureka. Often abbreviated as NM.

Some types of Eureka FATEs are called "Elemental Conflicts" (i.e. Happy Bunny FATEs), wherein players defeat a few waves of enemies while protecting the resident Happy Bunnies. Completing these allows players to search for hidden treasure. For more information, see here.

Chase FATE-Path.png

A one-of-a-kind type of boss fate, FATE: ChaseThe Magitek Is Back involves chasing a boss to a destination marked with a grey version of the FATE icon: Chase FATE icon2.png Players must defeat the boss before it reaches the destination, or the FATE is a failure.

Collect Collection FATE icon.png

Collect FATEs require the players to collect and turn in Key Items. On your map, they show up as bag icons along with a small bag that indicate the location of the FATE NPC. Players can increase their rating by turning in FATE items before the timer hits 0. You can also obtain items by defeating the FATE mobs that spawn continuously.

  • Players can easily obtain the Gold Medal rating by picking up the FATE items on the ground and handing them to the FATE NPC.

Defend Defense FATE icon.png

In these FATEs, players have to defend certain objects/NPCs from destruction/defeat for a specified amount of time. Waves of enemies will attempt to destroy/defeat these objects/NPCs and players must defeat these foes. If the objects/NPCs are destroyed/defeated, players fail the FATE. In the case of Defending NPCs, they can be healed by players and this can be critical to succeeding in the FATE. Objects cannot be healed, and therefore those FATEs benefit most from a tank to immediately grab aggro from the enemies.

Escort Escort FATE icon.png

In these FATEs, players need to escort an NPC or multiple NPCs from one place to another. The NPC will travel from point A to point B, players must defend them from incoming monsters. If the NPC is killed, players fail the FATE.

  • Note that the HP of NPCs will regenerate outside of combat.

Shared FATE

Main article: Shared FATE

The Shared FATE system was introduced in Shadowbringers with 5.0 and carried forward in Endwalker. Instead of Company seal Company Seals, players receive Bicolor Gemstone Bicolor Gemstones for participation in FATEs in these zones.

Hot Spots

Players occasionally group up and farm FATEs for experience. Generally this is done while waiting on queues or while simultaneously working on various Relic Weapons. Experience per hour is quite poor from FATEs alone.
Various FATE spots emerge for different levels.

Level Town Zone
01 - 12 Horizon Western Thanalan
10 - 19 Aleport Western La Noscea
21 - 34 Quarrymill South Shroud
30 - 34 Costa del Sol Eastern La Noscea
35 - 40 Dragonhead Coerthas Central Highlands
40 - 44 Larkscall East Shroud
44 - 46 Revenant's Toll Mor Dhona
49 Ceruleum Processing Plant Northern Thanalan

Large-scale "Hot Spots" diminish rapidly as you progress. After level 50, here are your target zones by FATE level.

Level Zone
44 - 46 Mor Dhona
45 - 49 Southern Thanalan
45 - 49 Coerthas Central Highlands
49 Northern Thanalan
50 Sea of Clouds (south)
50 - 51 Coerthas Western Highlands
52 - 53 Dravanian Forelands
54 - 56 Churning Mists
56 Coerthas Western Highlands
57 Dravanian Forelands
57 - 59 Sea of Clouds (north)
58 - 59 Dravanian Hinterlands
59 Azys Lla
60 - 61 The Fringes (west)
60 - 61 The Peaks (north)
62 - 63 The Ruby Sea
64 Yanxia (south)
65 - 66 The Azim Steppe
67 Yanxia (north)
67 The Fringes (east)
68 The Peaks (south)
69 The Lochs
70 Amh Araeng (east)
70 Kholusia (south)
71 Lakeland
72 - 73 Il Mheg
74 - 75 The Rak'tika Greatwood
76 - 77 Amh Araeng (west)
78 Kholusia (north)
79 The Tempest
80 - 81 Labyrinthos (north)
80 - 81 Thavnair (west)
82 - 83 Garlemald
83 - 84 Mare Lamentorum
85 Labyrinthos (north)
85 Thavnair (east)
86 - 87 Elpis
88 Labyrinthos (south)
89 Ultima Thule

Tips and Tricks

  • Players do not need to stick around for the entire FATE. If you feel comfortable that you have done enough to receive full exp for the fate, you can leave early to join another FATE that may have popped. For Collect FATEs this is typically 6-8 of the items.
    • You must be in the same zone as the FATE when it ends to receive any credit, however. Going into a queue or leaving for another zone will forfeit any contribution.
  • Make sure to join a party. Often if you shout in an area that you are "looking for group" someone will pick you up. You can also use the Party Finder.
  • By being in a party, you will not only increase your likelihood of getting the Gold Medal for FATE completion, but also allows you to share everyone's experience as monsters are killed.
  • Tanks having trouble getting Gold Medal for FATE completion should spam their AOE.
  • Healers having trouble receiving high ranking FATE completion can spam Aero or Bio and tag as many mobs as possible.

Additional Stormblood+ FATE Mechanics

Experience Points Bonus

FATEs that appear in Stormblood (and later) areas will, on occasion, offer a bonus to EXP awarded upon completion.

Fate bonus exp1.png

FATEs offering bonus EXP can be confirmed via the map or the Recommendations list.

Fate bonus exp3.png

Fate bonus exp4.png

Twist of Fate

A special enemy called the Forlorn Maiden may appear over the course of any given FATE. Players will see the chat message "The smell of death has drawn a Forlorn maiden to the battlefield!" when one spawns, and "The Forlorn maiden dissipates..." when it is defeated.

In very rare instances a significantly larger, tougher variant called The Forlorn may appear instead.

Twist of fate1.png

By defeating the Forlorn Maiden or The Forlorn, all players who participated in the FATE and received a rating will be granted the Twist of fate icon1.png Twist of Fate status.

  • Players will be granted the status even if the FATE ends in failure so long as the Forlorn Maiden was defeated.

Twist of fate2.png

Players under the effect of the Twist of fate icon1.png Twist of Fate status will receive 15% increased EXP rewards upon completing the FATE in which the Forlorn Maiden was defeated. The status then persists and grants a further 50% increased EXP for a subsequent FATE players participate or receive a rating in.

  • The effect of this status will apply even if the FATEs participated in end in failure.
  • The status' effect does not apply to EXP gained from defeating enemies.
  • The status' effect stacks with other bonuses that apply to FATE completion EXP, including a subsequent Twist of fate icon1.png Twist of Fate buff.
  • The Twist of fate icon2.png Twist of Fate status from The Forlorn grants a significantly greater EXP bonus (+250%) than that from a Forlorn Maiden.

The effect has no expiry time limit. However, players will lose the buff if they leave the zone in any way.


FATE completion is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Date with destiny i icon1.png  Date with Destiny I 5 Successfully complete 10 FATEs. - 2.1
Date with destiny ii icon1.png  Date with Destiny II 5 Successfully complete 100 FATEs. - 2.1
Date with destiny iii icon1.png  Date with Destiny III 10 Successfully complete 300 FATEs. - 2.1
Date with destiny iv icon1.png  Date with Destiny IV 10 Successfully complete 1,000 FATEs. Achievement title icon.png Tempter of Fate (Male) / Temptress of Fate (Female) 2.1
Destiny's child icon1.png  Destiny's Child 20 Successfully complete 3,000 FATEs. Paragons gown icon1.png  Paragon's Gown 2.1
Date with destiny v icon1.png  Date with Destiny V 20 Successfully complete 5,000 FATEs. - 3.0
Date with destiny vi icon1.png  Date with Destiny VI 20 Successfully complete 10,000 FATEs. Achievement title icon.png The Fortunate 3.0

Additionally, Shared FATEs are also associated with several achievements, and many FATEs award achievements for their completion (37 as of patch 6.57).

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