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Patch 2.2
"Through the Maelstrom"
A Realm Reborn
Release Date
2.2 - 27 March 2014
2.21 - 9 April 2014
2.25 - 23 April 2014
2.28 - 5 June 2014
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2.2, 2.21, 2.25, 2.28
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Patch 2.2: Through the Maelstrom is the second major content update introduced for A Realm Reborn.

Notable Features, Additions, and Changes

New Content

System Changes and Additions


Note: Not all content listed here will launch on the same day. This article is about the 2.2x season as a whole.

Main Story Summary (Spoilers)

The Second Coil of Bahamut (Spoilers)

Hildibrand, Agent of Enquiry (Spoilers)


Long-dormant forces had begun to stir, their awakening a presage of night eternal. For the betterment of Eorzea, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn had re-established themselves beyond the reach of those who would sway them for personal gain. However, to stave off the encroaching darkness and pull the realm back from the brink of destruction, the Warrior of Light and his comrades would need to plunge headlong into a political maelstrom.

The Doman Dilemma

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn continued to receive all manner of petitions, even at their new headquarters, the Rising Stones, in the frontier lands of Mor Dhona. Though some were of questionable merit, one in particular warranted their immediate attention.

The Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern had recently discovered that they had been the target of a series of covert robberies, which were currently under investigation by the Brass Blades. Normally, mere theft would not be deserving of the Scions' attentions. However, significant quantities of crystals—and only crystals—had been stolen, suggesting that the thieves acted not out of self-interest but in service to a primal. Given their proximity, the Amalj’aa were considered the most likely suspects. However, with the assistance of the Brass Blades of Horizon, the Scions eventually concluded that the thieves were not native to Thanalan at all.

Meanwhile, in Vesper Bay, a small vessel bearing refugees from the Far Eastern land of Doma had unexpectedly arrived, their leader loudly proclaiming that she sought an audience with the ruler of Ul'dah. Urianger, who had remained in the port to look after the Waking Sands and pursue his independent studies of primals, contacted Minfilia, who bade the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud make contact with the Domans and their masked leader, Yugiri.

The refugee leader explained to the Scions that following the death of the Garlean emperor Solus zos Galvus, the Domans had seen an opportunity to free themselves from the yoke of imperial oppression and took up arms against the Empire. However, their rebellion was crushed, and Doma was razed to the ground as an example to other provinces. Yugiri was thus forced to lead her people from Othard to Eorzea, where they hoped to find sanctuary.

With Alphinaud’s aid, Yugiri was granted an audience with the rulers of Ul'dah to plead her case. Despite the best wishes of the sultana, due to ongoing struggles to care for displaced victims of the Calamity and Ala Mhigan refugees, the Domans were turned away from Ul'dah. Fortunately, they found a new home in Revenant’s Toll, where they would work as frontier hands in exchange for food and shelter.

The Lord of the Whorl

After helping the Domans to broker an arrangement with the Ad- venturers' Guild of Revenant's Toll, the Scions turned their attention to a developing situation in Vylbrand. Y'shtola had returned from her investigation there, having confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Serpent Reavers were behind the crystal thefts in Thanalan. All evidence suggested that the Sahagin were preparing to summon Leviathan once more, and so it was that Admiral Merlwyb petitioned the Scions' aid in preventing the primal's reawakening.

With the support of the Maelstrom, the Warrior of Light and his comrades managed to force their way inside the Sapsa Spawning Grounds, where the Sahagin were conducting the summoning ritual. Alas, despite their best efforts, the beastmen were successful, and Leviathan was come once more. The primal soon bent his course for the open sea, and there effortlessly dispatched a diversionary squadron of the Crimson Fleet, forcing Admiral Merlwyb and the others to reassess their available options.

The allies soon struck upon a most unorthodox solution, courtesy of Storm Marshal Eynzahr: to harness the power of corrupted crystals, borne upon an improvised twin vessel, to rob Leviathan of his command over the element of water. Being the best-and only-plan available, all involved swiftly agreed to support the endeavor, and Naldiq & Vymelli's quickly set to work on the vessel's construction.

Once preparations were complete, the flagship of the Crimson Fleet, the Triumph, towed the Whorleater in the sea, along with the Warrior of Light, to confront the fell primal. And so it was that, following a titanic struggle on the high seas, he succeeded in vanquishing Leviathan, sparing Limsa Lominsa untold devastation and death.

In the wake of the Calamity, the hamlet of Halfistone was obliterated by a tidal wave of Leviathan's making, Though it was a bold, reckless plan, the Maelstrom had no choice but to risk everything on the later and the Warrior of Light to prevent Lima Lominsa from meeting with a similar fate. [1]


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