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Side QuestSide Quests are generally optional extra content that can be done for lore, item rewards, Gil Gil, and Experience experience. Anything still using the yellow quest icon typically does not unlock a major feature or contain critical story. They are primarily for worldbuilding and flavor, but can be a key source of HQ icon.png HQ crafted gear while leveling, especially in Heavensward and later.

Class, Job, and Role Quests

These have all been re-tagged as Feature QuestFeature Quests by patch 3.3.

Lv 1-30: Class Quests (required to unlock new combat skills)

Lv 30-70: Job Quests (required to unlock new combat skills)

Lv 70-80: Shadowbringers Role Quests (at least one role must be completed for Main Scenario; all roles must be completed for Void Quests)

Lv 85-90: Endwalker Role Quests (unlocks dyeing for Artifact Armor (i560))

Chronicles of a New Era

Chronicles of a New Era are the 'primary' type of side content, containing the majority of new fights.

These have all been re-tagged as Feature QuestFeature Quests by patch 3.3.


Lv 50: Primal Quests (Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda Hard are required for Main Scenario)

Lv 60: The Warring Triad Quests

Lv 70: The Four Lords Quests

Lv 80: The Sorrow of Werlyt Quests

Normal Raids

Lv 50: Bahamut Quests (no normal mode available, so either go in unsynced, or gather a dedicated group for difficult fights)

Lv 60: Alexander Quests

Lv 70: Omega Quests

Lv 80: Eden Quests

Lv 90: Pandaemonium Quests

Alliance Raids

Lv 50: Crystal Tower Quests (required for Main Scenario)

Lv 60: Shadow of Mhach Quests

Lv 70: Return to Ivalice Quests (required for Resistance Weapon)

Lv 80: YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Quests

Lv 90: Myths of the Realm Quests

Dungeon Quests

These have all been re-tagged as Feature QuestFeature Quests by patch 3.3.

Main article: Dungeons

Side Story Quests

Relic Weapons

These have all been re-tagged as Feature QuestFeature Quests by patch 3.3.

Relic weapon quests are an optional grind-focused activity. The main reward is cool weapons with glow effects. Beginning with Eureka, these quests also offer storylines, new areas, and special combat systems tied to those areas.

Lv 50: Zodiac Weapons

Lv 60: Anima Weapons

Lv 70: The Forbidden Land, Eureka

Lv 80: Resistance Weapons


Some of these have been re-tagged as Feature QuestFeature Quests when they unlock Trial Trials.

Lv 50: Hildibrand

Lv 50: Delivery Moogle

Lv 60: Further Hildibrand Adventures

Lv 60: Scholasticate

Lv 70: Even Further Hildibrand Adventures

Lv 90: Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures

Tribal Quests

The main plotlines of these have all been re-tagged as Feature QuestFeature Quests by patch 3.3.

Tribal quests are daily repeatable quests which build up your reputation with each tribe. The main rewards are experience and cosmetics.

Lv 41-44: Amalj'aa, Sylphs, Kobolds, Sahagin, Ixali (crafting)

Lv 50-60 (quest sync): Vanu Vanu, Vath, Moogles (crafting)

Lv 60-70 (quest sync): Kojin, Ananta, Namazu (crafting/gathering)

Lv 70-80 (quest sync): Pixies, Qitari (gathering), Dwarves (crafting)

Lv 80-90 (quest sync): Arkasodara

Allied Tribal Quests


Lv 54: Doman Adventurers' Guild (required for Doman Reconstruction)

Lv 60: Tales of the Dragonsong War

Lv 60-80: Ishgardian Restoration Main Quests and Sidequests

Lv 70: Doman Reconstruction Quests

Lv 80: Tales from the Shadows Quests

Lv 80: Void Quests

Lv 90: Tataru's Grand Endeavor Quests

Lv 90: Omega: Beyond the Rift Quests

Lv 90: Tales of Newfound Adventure

Lv 90: Island Sanctuary Quests

Wandering Minstrel


A Realm Reborn

La Noscea Sidequests

Black Shroud Sidequests

Thanalan Sidequests

Coerthas Sidequests

Mor Dhona Sidequests


Ishgard Sidequests

Coerthas Sidequests

Abalathia's Spine Sidequests

Dravania Sidequests


Gyr Abania Sidequests

Kugane Sidequests

Othard Sidequests


Norvrandt Sidequests


The Northern Empty Sidequests

Ilsabard Sidequests

The Sea of Stars Sidequests

The World Unsundered Sidequests

Grand Company Quests


Order of the Twin Adder

Immortal Flames

Seasonal Events Quests

Heavensturn Events

Valentione's Day Events

Little Ladies' Day Events

Valentione's & Little Ladies' Day Events

Egg Hunts

Gold Saucer Festivities

Moonfire Faire Events

Rising Events

All Saints' Wake Events

Starlight Celebration Events

Other Seasonal Events

Special Quests

Collaboration Quests